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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:41

Ali Eni was the invention with the press in Isparta

Ali Eni was the invention with the press in Isparta
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Edremit district of Balıkesir Municipality Nominations for the AK Party candidate, Ali Optimal Isparta, held a press conference.

Balıkesir news: Edremit district of Balıkesir Municipality Nominations for the AK Party candidate, Ali Optimal Isparta, held a press conference.
Municipality of Edremit years working in various cadres and who served a term as Assistant Mayor Ali Optimal Isparta, which will be held in March 2014 local elections the AK Party candidate became mayor candidate Edremit. Municipal experience the public to reflect and understanding of municipality differ wanted to bring that said Eni Isparta, unity and togetherness made the call.
Edremit the 'drinker' View of tea garden area in the press together with the Isparta, breakfast, accompanied vision unveiled. Journalists showed great interest observed Speaking at the meeting Ali Optimal Isparta,"about 21 years of Edremit Municipality worked. Recruitment after the start of the municipality in various units manager duties did. 16th year permanent municipal Encümenlik task did. Municipal Vice-Chairman until the tasks I have undertaken. Recent period, the municipality and the staff inhabited by a number of events and criminal investigations resulting climate of fear out will lift. because things do not work has become and signature being expelled even feared it was. Buddha citizen's business were reflected by the service to a halt came up.'ll build the team and my colleagues we such a system we fit. working personnel on the psychological pressure will remove. most simple examples should be made and all future auctions expert retired investigators drafted a all responsibilities, giving them the staff's signature fears in this way exceeded and no one under indictment by not leaving a fearless municipality understanding will develop. E-Municipality Service will bring. Edremit Municipalities our country first established Municipality is one. Foundations municipality has been applied and we still have it come on we're moving. so much history long municipalities with us in a way our age evolving technological opportunities to avail have. States is unique, but many institutions are. States and inter-agency relationship between state and citizens of e-government system established if we do Municipality and citizens of the municipality before have to build. How will the E-Municipality with the service of our citizens, our architect, engineers, tradesmen, in cities citizens living municipalities, coordination and service procurement from his seat to receive municipalities with job from the computer advantage for realizing them will provide. time and more by bureaucratic procedures our people will save. Urban Transformation Project Roman citizens for our important and will apply. Prime Minister urban transformation project, Roman citizens, 100 thousand houses from the project to do in our region will bring. Roma citizens from this project to benefit will provide. Edremit't the fate which Flood raids to do would we prevent. Edremitli our citizens and our towns living of our people from floods out the projects to be our team have produced the institutions of government Watched working in harmony this ordeal rapidly to an end will give you. health of our people our top priority for. growing region are very fast kentselleşmekt are. healthcare services always our state waiting vanities to will not fall. Door About 10 authorities have a car would be. Larger cities taxi Helicopter transport when we cause our people Ambulance helicopter service must not. the international airport in our absolute municipalities belonging to the ambulance helicopter we will have it promptly perform zorundayız.24 hour clock as our people will serve. Tangible non-citizen, even service will run. us our people's health is important. Branded a very private hospitals in our region to investment, encouraging both a competitive environment, creating as well as quality health care to take will provide. Trademark been in hotels geothermal tourism will develop. region in our tourism brevity have to give. Trademark been hotel investors Geothermal on the basis of health services at the hotel which investments will promote. This large hotel to the village market to establish and village breakfasts in terms villagers our economic contributions Hashes will promote. surely but surely our region, a university will gain. Area to five thousand STUDENTS a university will gain. Can you imagine our people will bring economic contribution. I can not even imagine. A lot of branches serving our tradesmen face how to laugh. Consider that students in our region will bring vitality. skewed to construction and ugly concretion wrong zoning will never let. success of achieving the most effective and easy way through team work becomes . My 21 years of municipal experience there. Zoning very sensitive about we treat our team development will be implemented region's socioeconomic structure and evaluate them according to'll decide. Once warped to construction will not allow. region of our aesthetic condition considering aesthetics to construction permit will. ugly concrete building our never tolerate future a Our sensitivity will be. Bostanci plain and Çıkrıkçı in the plains jeotermall the greenhouses develop eco-agriculture investment will do. region of our geo thermal return water certainly evaluate greenhouse behalf and eco-farming to improve the area of ​​investment incentives will provide. Geothermal 50 percent energy giving, so 25 ' at the difference in quality will be created. Plains of dormant from an image saved and our citizens where the valuation will make. between institutions and social relationships will develop. Civil society organizations and institutions and between institutions and social relationships develop the municipality in terms of our goal will be. town council to become more active bring towns coordination is very good we will provide. 21st annual municipal service many more projects to shed light. Issue does not end with. A term ESOS Directorate while municipal water debt of subscribers who are in my wife's family's business center, the waters due to debt took a nap. My wife's run the poultry shop some conditions has failed to comply he record kept if I do, duty with all kinds Saiba off will serve that no one should doubt that. Edremit, the village and the town as a whole with will evaluate. success of achieving the most effective and easy way through team work becomes. My 21 years of municipal experience there. Allah grant would Edremit Municipality tasks awarded if large and experienced team will create. Politics without discrimination to be formed this team, town center and the advent sprawling neighborhoods that our lack of costs, and interests of the people in line with the projects will take. 'Not I, we are there with the slogan Once we step on this path of municipal experience with the professional municipal executive will. Darsof Quarter and Cennetayag neighborhood, the Bostanci village with Pomegranate village of Edremit district center and resort at an obvious, without distinction will try. region of our shortcomings we know and diverse solutions already available. Generate will professional team in a short time permanent solutions will. I for you, you 'someone I say. Already me most of our citizens know. interview me, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's' Victory, victory requester. success if I'd make it so, starting at the end I managed can say 'I want to complete the words. candidates in all my friends I wish you success,"he said.

Ali Eni was the invention with the press in Isparta" comments for.


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