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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 14:37

Ali Ülker Stunning Remarks

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Earlier this week, United Biscuit buys Yıldız Holding Vice Chairman Ali Ülker , \"2015 purchase buy how you heard the news you can also hear on the news ,\"he said .

İstanbul news: Photo Yıldız Holding Vice Chairman Ali Ülker , talked about the company's CEO Club meeting at next year's plan. Ali Ülker said they plan to enter new markets next year, \"you can see some of our brands in Europe. We want to create a distribution network in North America . India, China, Australia and the group of targets into Africa among our 2015 plan ,\"he said . < Br/> Unuited Biscuits Country regarding the purchase, stating that the plan was previously associated with buying \"has evolved over 2 months.\"Photo Ali Ülker , \"2015 buy you how much heard the news of buying the news you can also hear . we can dispose of our 2015 certain subsidiaries. sold some companies from the Review Initiative's portfolio. we have no problem in terms of financing , \"he said. Photo Godiva purchase as Ali Ülker about what happened in the process of \"how to be a management model in company was the direction of speech . Family who will go , who was asked as to manage . Murat Bey,'that company already has a CEO , you have a management that will continue management'and only a Supervisory Board was formed. He continued to do daily chores company's Board of Directors . Yıldız Holding and check Godiva They were two different companies , and thus have avoided the clash of two different cultures . In different geographies and cultures to understand the integration of the ideas of the employees of the company work in different cultures is very important when considering these it is possible to make a difference , \"he said .

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