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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 19:53

All Education Union was founded in Siirt

All Education Union was founded in Siirt
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All in Siirt Education and Science Workers Trade Union (All Teaching-you ) was established.

Siirt news: All in Siirt Education and Science Workers Trade Union (All Teaching-you ) was established.
in Siirt, a group of educators founded by the union's work gives information about all Education Sen, General Secretary Mithat Beydoğan , central Siirt established trade unions on the basis of ethnic nationalism-free and all of society sensitive to the problems of a mission to carry said. 20 days ago, founded the union in a short time 100 members reached said EDA Beydoğan , \"the solution process , supporting the objective from the region across Turkey to spread that our union bureaucracy and the governments of the individual or institutional conflict of interest by entering the franchise and for the benefit non-moral attitudes and behaviors considered I would . voluntary participation , responsibility, solidarity and brotherhood based our union justice and freedom in the spirit of education and training systems efficiently and in a constructive manner the continuous renewal is on the side . education and training by political parties to be directed against our union ; human free identity and personality to develop his facility providing free , voluntary and pluralistic understanding of education advocates . rule of law approach, the state , political parties and the bureaucracy of the individual in the service as a tool sees . any government , organization or political party extension or advocates non-union , our own independent and non-carrying out activities in identity , \"he said .
Beydoğan , the union will be held in the coming days with the opening of the building will enter service added .

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