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  • 20 Temmuz 2013, Cumartesi 11:49

All examination questions will not be published

All examination questions will not be published
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Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (SSPC), the Parliament adopted the Law bag large part of preparations for the comprehensive examinations is a matter outside the scope of electronic exam questions will carry exams. See the candidates answer sheets and answer keys will be provided.

've edited the Authority stating that the exam is 42 years

SSPC President of Examination Services Department. Yasin Bulduklu 'exams under the protocol consists of 32 of them. Exams every year five thousand asking questions. This is a question that purpose under the law to create a pool of exam preparation and electronic. Great comprehensive YGS, LYS exams such as the resolution of the Board of Directors may continue to run."He said.

Edilen'Torba Act adopted by the Parliament in order to pass the exam OSYM electronic No. 4982, dated 9 October 2003 Right to Information Act 's 2 maddesine'Ölçme, Selection and Placement exams administered by the Department of the questions and answers are beyond the scope of this law."the statement added. Accepted questions that this article of the law with kapamı taken out of the tests performed by SSPC. Candidates answer papers will continue to see in order to establish their own. We also evaluate their answer sheets will be implemented in a system.

President of SSPC Examination Services Department. Yasin Bulduklu, within the scope of legal regulation Cihan News Agency (Cihan) spoke. 42 years, indicating that the exam organized SSPC Bulduklu, 32 of these tests, examinations institutions, he said. 42 question exam prepared under the five thousand representing Bulduklu, 'the scope of the statutory regulatory agencies, especially within the scope of the protocol be released exams questions asked. International institutions and organizations engaged in testing may not be published, none of the examinations. We plan to test the SSPC appropriate technological era. Electronic exam questions yayımlamaması these exams is required. Otherwise, the test can not be realized electronically,"he said.

Electronics to pass the exam

the embodiment OSYM Bulduklu stressed that transparency is the case, such as Dodge, said:'SSPC questions asked yet you can continue to publish. these questions if you are planning to take the exam are not published electronically is required. exam questions can not pass the exam are published electronically. Today electronic exam TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson is doing. These organizations are able to use it later in the tests, so they are very comfortable yapabiliyorlar electronic exam. Our electronic exam question pool to create the next to be the biggest obstacle. Ability measure our exam questions that we're gonna have to yayımlamamamız."he said.

legislation requiring publication of the current situation, if OSYM questions, however, continue to publish Bulduklu explained that, 'the candidates We call the following questions were asked to obtain information on an individual basis or we go under. yayımlanmayacağı This arrangement does not mean that all the questions in exams. Great publish comprehensive questions again. SSPC exam is 42 years and 32 percent of them test protocol. institutions do test. yayımlamayabiliriz only them."he said found.

All examination questions will not be published" comments for.


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