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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:14

Allow Turgutluspor Emre Toraman'a

Allow Turgutluspor Emre Toraman'a
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Turgutluspor Toraman'a captain Emre, the board allowed until halftime.

Manisa news: Turgutluspor Toraman'a captain Emre, the board allowed until halftime.
Past days Toraman mutual termination of the contract with the county that had been heard in public. Today at a press conference in Turgutluspor Facilities Turgutluspor President Av. Burcin The tuner, Emre Toraman in the media regarding the termination news out, said:"This news is true, that our thoughts are. But today, with Emre our interview, as a result annulment again evaluated. Emre us back muscle tension in due to injury is declared. Termination issue a further dates left to discuss the matter, we would've wanted. us his circuit between about four weeks we let him. Termination topic from the circuit all the board with will evaluate. Emre Toraman need a football player, in the sense required professionalism within the meaning itself are satisfied. Himself our team as captain was transferred. every As people do, he was a few small errors. chemistry with him on some issues, but we can not match up,"he said.

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