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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:15

Alparslan Gökçen was a man announced his candidacy for President

Alparslan Gökçen was a man announced his candidacy for President
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Aydın Adnan Menderes University ( ADU) Department of Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Medicine, Prof.

Aydın news: Dr. Alparslan Gokcen which will be held in the coming months to finance has announced his candidacy for election to the rector .
Gökçen was designed for a man in a press conference announced the project . Adua the rector of the selection of priorities needs to be done one by one Gokce man , \"our university physical conditions will be improved , missing master plans immediately be removed , social facilities, service quality will be raised , banks and a post office shipping offices will be established , fair, satisfactory and transparent course fee and performance system facility will be the university's IT infrastructure shortcomings will be overcome with education related material needs will be met , Aydin Province Research Center as the new units will be activated , the university's campus with disabilities in staff and students easily to all units of transport will be provided and Adu disabled-friendly universities will all campuses cultural identity in conjunction artwork lighting flags with beautification to the student preferences is less than the units effective presentation will be made, departments and divisions to be admitted to a faculty member in the Board's decisions to be taken , BAP applications soon settled in and twice a year the application be provided the opportunity , academic studies and successful teaching elements will be rewarded , of academics printing facilities will be increased and book sales office will be opened , \"he said .
\"TURKEY tHE FIRST will perform \"
in the world , in many countries the liver Research Center in Turkey a first Adua plans to establish an expression that Gokcen man , \"Children universities , sailing club, in jogging track bike path picnic area and water parkların where botanical garden , central campus , with priority'own water supplied'project , the student counseling center (my room ) , Adnan Menderes University Industry Cooperation Center ( adusta I ) , located in Kusadasi Tourism Faculty and Adu Hospital from outside the province of our patients for relatives accompanying hotel and Rural Tourism project , many of our projects to be realized , \"he said .
\" was in a showcase for oUR HOSPITAL \"
Aydın Adnan Menderes University Practice and Research Hospital, stated that the university's showcase Gökçen financing , \"Our hospital will be restructured . Chief Medical Officer and Assistants , experienced and merit of faculty selected will be provided , serving the hospital building, the turmoil in the correction, the physical space of all of the departments with the help re-assessed , faculty canteen to be separate and self-service , the abolition of the teaching staff themselves, their spouses and children in the hospital will be created on a partition appointment , diagnosis and treatment carried out , ensuring the existing hospital debt payment or to reduce the serious measures will be taken , \"he said .
\" This is a flag race \"
was rector elections, flag race simulation Gökçen financing , \"The election success of our university , common wish is to bring peace and happiness . Since 1992, our university was founded until today , have contributed to our organization , our teacher and rector of labor history, all a debt of thanks to my teammates know , I refer to them respectfully . However ; This flag in the race tired , worn-out teams flag more dynamic and hardworking team forward to the university's further steps to rise to the name is essential , \"he has included .
ALPARSLAN Gökçen financing WHO?
Primary Gazi Primary School middle and high school education in Ankara Gaziçiflik High School was completed. in 1980 , Ege University Faculty of Agriculture , Department of Horticulture in the first year studied. in 1981 Samsun Ondokuzmayıs University School of Medicine entered into . the same year, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine at the one year preparatory English education received . in 1988 after graduating compulsory service Kilis Martav Village Health at left. then military service , Adana MSB Internal Procurement Regional Office Bakery Manager Medical Office has completed . return of military service compulsory service over the first years after working Aydin China State Hospital, was appointed . , China Home-Children's Health and Family planning established as a medical staff . Faculty of Medicine, Firat University, Elazig my expertise Histology and Embryology Department received in 1996 from the same year Asst. Assoc. As Suleyman Demirel University School of Medicine in the Department of Histology and Embryology mission began. In 2010 he was appointed Adnan Menderes University School of Medicine . Currently serves as chairman of the department Gökçen man who is married and has 3 children .

Alparslan Gökçen was a man announced his candidacy for President" comments for.


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