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  • 23 Ağustos 2014, Cumartesi 13:08

Als Disease Treatment Is There ?

Als Disease Treatment Is There ?
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Special Of Medicine Specialist Dr. Konya Hospital Neurology

Konya news: Special Of Medicine Specialist Dr. Konya Hospital Neurology Aysun Hatice Maples, head of the celebrities in recent days to try to attract attention by pouring a bucket of ice water as ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ) disease, a treatment that produces the exact solution , he said.
recently famous in the head in a bucket of ice water pouring tried to draw attention and through social media in a short time made ​​famous from the ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ) disease cause in fact is not known exactly and name have placed a treatment no management .
Medicana Konya Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Aysun Hatice Maples, told those who were wondering about ALS . ALS provides the functions of muscles in the body that help the brain and spinal cord nerve cells called motor-neuron in the expression that occur after an injury , Dr. Maples, \"This destruction is the cause we do not know . But some things cause is shown . Especially lead, manganese poisoning , causing showing . , But of unknown cause in a way that cells in the brain and spinal cord in motor-neuron cells to excess glutamate increase and calcium due to increased cell death happens. Patients general muscle weakness and we can come . muscle weakness initially locally can be so only a hand or foot weakness, as patients can come . patient's hand a reduced ability , shirt button buttoned inability or lower leg shape can be seen. Ahead in the process all over the body , respiratory muscles , swallowing muscles and sound-related muscle deterioration in the patient bedridden can become . these patients aware until recently not covered, but a serious loss of muscle strength to be patient for advanced period breathing apparatus connected to can become , \"he said .
Dr. Maples, ALS by 5 percent is hereditary and 50-70 age groups in people with more common , noting that \"more common in males see . Women in this respect little bit lucky but the disease is rarely in the 30s and 80s in the encounter can come . Disease rapid progress shows. generally lifetime average of 5-6 years, as . reason is not quite clear a disease said, but precisely with this treatment, patients are treated no such thing . , but supportive treatments are used. drug therapy and intensive care treatment are used \"he said.
of 2014 all over the world \"Brain year\"has been declared, and in recent days in ALS and ALS Association in the world and in our country public appearance started to be voicing Maples, \"in fact, this issue of consciousness before the increase was needed. country in our increasing sensitivity and awareness on this issue . every day with ALS or ALS association of associations help increase hear that . pleasing situation in this regard, \"he concluded.

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