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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:18

Altıeylül the City Council Meets

Altıeylül the City Council Meets
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Altıeylül City Council's regular meeting was held in October .

Balıkesir news:
Pamukçu meeting at the building , Deputy Chairman of Parliament dated September 2, 2014 by Birol Hawk parliamentary proceedings started with recitation of the summary . 13 agenda items and 2 of the resolution discussed at the meeting , the rural neighborhood services to the units that will be the name of the Rural Services Directorate is not unanimously accepted.
Directorate of Cleaning Services performed by the garbage collection of the two-year contract and giving information about the Falcon, \"earlier in the administrations of this tender one year was done . now it's different. Altıeylül district 81 rural , including neighborhood more than the number . place better quality service to go cleaning job will make the company's investment has to do . these so tender two years, making're offering , \"he said . The motion unanimously accepted.
Recycling activities emphasis Altıeylül by the Municipality Öznam company made ​​with the protocol mentioning Vice President Massoud Eray, \"originally by our municipality and our research licensed with a company protocol was prepared. 1 vehicle we let one car in the first data of the said four staff , only this company's discretion without leaving our district's in-house recycling waste collection was started. 2 vehicle started , but other instruments as an independent this waste was collecting . We said you come too , firms with tools to spruce let , you dressed am . . Company also collects waste people insured let he said. thus providing employment we have . 2 vehicles 12 vehicles output. recycling on our work more comprehensive've made . this issue , our university , in cooperation with environment-related recycling conference , we think. Informational meetings will do . we also offer a motion of institutionalization on this issue , \"he said .
proposal was accepted unanimously . Şehircililk in the sense of examining the on sidewalks, the containers underground container shape conversion and new construction plans when the garbage container quantity and location of the plans specified in the issue of the commissions were transferred.
Bioenergetics FOR pressed the button < br/> Related documents from the commission agents , the rural neighborhoods of bioenergy facilities planned investment plan to be carried out to determine the costs related to the operation of the Plan and Budget Committee was accepted unanimously . Bioenergetics of the Zoning Commission made ​​efforts to locate was accepted .


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