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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:41

Altınordu, Antalyaspor different Passed

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1. Division 9 of the PTT was gold in the week, where he defeated Manisa 19 guest Antalyaspor Stadium on May 3-1 , took the score to 11 in the league .

Manisa news: Photo after the match Altınordu Speaking at a press conference coach Hussein Eroglu expressed that they play a tough match , \"against us had a team with the players on the league . Match could not secure the game somehow we want the first half , we were not enthusiastic . We had Fracture moments. I told the players in our pre-match and in it ;'90 minutes we won a high hold if we match the tempo of the match . \"the second half was very good , we started our morale with the goal we found increased further and found the back of the other highlights . is no coincidence that we prevailed last week , we had the emphasis on the future of continued . we thank the fans for their support in the coming here , \"he said . Photo Teamwork indicates that they are a team that plays Eroglu had a draw in the match they said they reveal the good fight . Eroglu, in relation to the objectives , \"our first year in this league , we started for recognizing the league . PTT had very good teams in the league . Near our term goal seems to be the first six . However, in the long run , of course Champions League goal we have ,\"he said . Photo Match assessment makes the Golden Horde of the successful footballer Joseph Abdioğlu , \"League draw we started . Nobody seemed to have the confidence in us . We have not crushed any team . We wanted to talked about ourselves. We have a very good analysis Antalyaspor . We give what position . to exit the match win we get from Adanaspor'a we feel we are now . Hopefully after 3 rear of the points will come . I congratulate our team-mate , \"he said.
< strong> ANTALYASPOR WALL Photo AltInordu Antalyaspor started his speech by congratulating the team Technical Director Engine protects individual errors due to today said they saw the goal keeper. Preserves, referee Ali Palabıyık also criticized , \"I want to take the sins of the referee , but the competition in the first half in one of our position , we have seen such a penalty but was not given. If a shame if the penalty I think. Gold was deserved more than we do with the football in the second half. Us much more willing and played desirous . I congratulate them . Unlike the one thing I did performance of the referee . the second half and did not like my both players myself , \"he said .
how do you assess the lack of a journalist Altınordu the average age of players 22 and foreign players are responding to the question preserves \"Horde got flatter . What a beautiful job and no small number of foreign players as well as average age , \"he said .

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