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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:26

Amasya Police Department has 11 staff Promoted

Amasya Police Department has 11 staff Promoted
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Amasya Police Department promoted 11 staff ranks ceremony was installed .

Amasya news: Amasya Police Department promoted 11 staff ranks ceremony was installed .
2 class security director Kemal Gaya and Ilyas Aktas 1st class to the police headquarters , superintendent Yusuf lifeguard, Musa Khan and persistence Tugrul with the police headquarters , deputy commissioner Salih Kaya, Dursun Orhan, Seyfettin heavenly, lion whiskers , Aydin Aries and Yasin Demir commissioner promoted , while the rank of Governor Ibrahim Khalil Çomaktek's , Police Chief Mehmet ARTUNAY , Merzifon PO I Manager Süleyman Gül and Deputy Police Chief Mustafa Bolatlı tripped by .
After friends called in his speech policing is always a big responsibility requires stating that the Chief of Police ARTUNAY , \"These folks did peace and security contributes to c with your and your blood you serve . our nation this illustrated sacrifice is aware of . you this confidence continues whether to have firm belief , \"he said .
who gets promoted staff responsibilities increased emphasizing the ARTUNAY ,\"responsibility of your fold greater and more difficult you should know that . this responsibility eagerly and patiently walked and what you must remember that our nation is at your disposal . Promoted to new ranks of our staff wish to be auspicious . Also you lent their support , devoted and patient wife and your children thank you , \"he said .
Citizens'life and property safety of ensuring the state's raison d'être stressed that the Governor Çomaktek too , Turkish police power of the constitution , by law , from law taking a high sense of responsibility overtime served that do not recognize the concept was discussed.

Amasya Police Department has 11 staff Promoted" comments for.


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