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  • 02 Ağustos 2013, Cuma 11:21

Amasya University Employment Grows

Amasya University Employment Grows
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Preparations for the academic year 'Employment-Oriented Record Growth' password Amasya University, 2013-University Entrance Exam placements as a result of continued occupancy rate of faculties and schools reportedly occurred as 100-to-face.

Last year, the number of students eligible for tuition

was 2 thousand 874, 4 thousand to 57 percent this year reached a record indicating that 42 percent of Amasya University Rector. Dr. Text Orbay, 'surely this walk we started driving towards becoming a university town, with a focus on employment ediyoruz'dedi continue to grow rapidly.

Architecture, Technology, Education, and Health Sciences Faculty of Theology and fullness that ensures 100 percent of the activity in the last academic year Sharaf said Sabuncuoğlu Health Services Vocational School (SHMYO) is particularly pointed out and as a result of the placement of the occupancy rates as well as the base points, is an intense interest in these programs, and how university administration is in place for the health sector in terms of showing how the initiative has made Professor stressed that the two measures are very important. Dr. Orbay, post-graduation employment be varied to have problems similar to the number of segments in the coming years, he said.

In Turkey as it is in many areas a very rapid development in the health sector, the President pointed out that took place in the process of change and transformation Orbay, 'These developments and the changes in the high-level knowledge and skills, team work and sharing culture prone, sensitive to public health, peace with technology, modern, quality, reliable, moral and ethical values ​​and the need for intermediate members increases with each passing day. Therefore, the intermediate elements of the health care industry will serve to educate health-care professionals will meet the needs of the region would be useful to establish a high school, with the idea of ​​setting up a short time ago, we decided SHMYO at the University of Amasya. Have an important place in the history of medicine when SHMYO'nun name and thought it would be appropriate Şerefeddin'in Sabuncuoğlu born in Amasya. Sabuncuoğlu Şerefeddin'in his services in the field of health care items and services in their respective fields in the health sector as a continuation inspire confidence in the sector, which will acquire the principle of a respected high school to educate members of the"Sabuncuoğlu Şerefeddin SHMYO"the name of the university senate unanimously decided to establish. All that is required under the Higher Education Board approves the relevant departments on the high school was opened immediately, was completed in a very short time academic staff. The physical infrastructure needed to roll out educational activities, such as the creation of a long-term academic and administrative staff, many high school that was established last year must be completed immediately. In this sense, all my colleagues for their support in this process and would like to thank the efforts they have shown. Today, the high school is also quite happy to point reached us,"he said.

Fulfills the mission of the University of Amasya

Orbay,"the university, the brand of the city, the brand becoming a university ecdada responsibility towards history and history of Amasya seer fulfills the mission and responsibility in our country with the contemporary world, to be a pioneer and a leader in research, learning, health and education needs are universal, scientific and ethical values ​​to serve without sacrificing the country's economy, health, arts and culture will contribute to enlightened people moving towards becoming a university training sample. At this point, the province of Amasya and hence the university, university employees who spend a great effort in bringing the desired point, milletvekillerimize, public agencies and institutions, non-governmental organizations, private sector representatives, businessmen who showed short training activities are directly or indirectly working with all stakeholders Thank you for your efforts and support

Amasya University Employment Grows" comments for.


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