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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:55

Amateur Match Play Formula 3 July at Stadium

Amateur Match Play Formula 3 July at Stadium
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Erzurum Branch President of the Confederation of Turkey Amateur Sports Clubs 1. While pressing the button to play the match of Cluster 3 Amateur Stadium in July , Erzurum in this regard support from Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate was asked .

Erzurum news: Yakutia Mayor Ali Korkut also supports large cluster Amateur League MacLaren played on July 3 will be provided Stadium. Youth and Sports Ministry and Sports General Directorate of Health Department Sultan Seyhan, Erzurum GHS Director Fuat Taşkesenligil , the ASKF President Selahattin Co and 2. The Chairman Suat Hayri Sun , Erzurum Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director held a summit in Fuat Taşkesenligil the authorities. Toplantıda1 . Cluster 3 was declared mobilization amateur football matches to be played on July Stadium. Photo 2 SEPARATE was MADE SYNTHETIC TURF FIELD Photo Erzurum is a very special place for football, and known as the heart of football 3 July at the Stadium, the ground floor with his hands folded before the projects synthetic turf field . With two synthetic turf and lighting system made ​​side by side U19, U17, U16 , U15 , U13 age groups with little league football matches were played in this feast two synthetic turf . Length of 90 meters , width 45 meters in two separate synthetic turf in all matches being played at youth level , competition in the large category Kazim Karabekir Stadium was played in court in the county with synthetic turf on campus. He had a difficult time in terms of the material of the club in Erzurum pointing to ASKF President Selahattin Co., to help you get a moment in the material sense to the club and expressing this season Adults 1 that they decided to play amateur league matches of 3 in July Stadium to recover from the burden of them , \"in the field we plan to play on weekends with a portable editing the big league match 3 in July Stadium. also portable system allows U17 league matches still to be played on the ground with 90 and 45 mph , \"he said . Photo TAŞKESENLİGİL: wE DO NOT WANT tO BE NOBODY'S VICTIMS Photo Erzurum Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Fuat Taşkesenligil , stating that they look hot stated at the view, \"We are doing our duty . our goal is to make sports to youth and keep them away from bad habits and obesity. ASKF Erzurum Branch Management us 1. Cluster Senior Amateur conveyed the request of the League matches to be played July 3rd stadium . so we pass to them in every way we can help . The number of economic opportunities due to lack of a victim already in Erzurum club with less effort , we show our best. We welcome the proposal stated at , \"he said . Following the Summit, Sports Director of the General Directorate of Health GHS Head of Sultan Fuad Taşkesenligil Seyhan , to make observations went to Kandilli Ski Resort.

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