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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 13:54

Amateur thespians 12-minute short films

Amateur thespians 12-minute short films
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In the district of Zonguldak Eregli amateur actors coming together \"I \"name, they perform a 12-minute short film was shot .

Zonguldak news:
in Kdz \"I \"his first short film screenings , and was exhibited .
directed Serkan Celik his Erdemir Music \u0026 Folklore Society Theatre Group players starring the film's shooting Eregli Rotary Club and Eregli Amateur Photographers Association gave support. The 12-minute short film art lovers'I'was watched in Erdemir Stone Building .
Movie Player in his speech at the opening Mert Ages , the county experienced the happiness of the first short film shoot , he said. 50-year-old man's life as a filmstrip eyes of passing guests of the \"I \"film provides information about the Ages \"Our film Ereğli first short film screenings in that is important. Our director Serkan Celik prepared and directed the film from each other, our valued starred. Our friends theater play despite his first short film role in the excitement of the lived . movie Synopsis'50s age comes to a man's heart attack , while making life as a filmstrip of your sight passage tells us. childhood his father to the mother of the violence , resulting in the death everything begins . Later in his youth, poor habits and old age in a lonely man composed of everything sums. short film premiere short would be saying the brief was a premiere . But forwards to be done or can be done for work a walk of courage was to speak. Erdemir Music \u0026 Folklore Society Theatre group the players in our starred. film , Engineer, Officer , Teacher, Craftsman as diverse professional groups by volunteers implemented , \"he said .
film Director Serkan Celik support them in the Eregli President of the Rotary Club of Amateur Photographers Association Boğaçhan Lightning Eregli thanked the entire film is in 3 days 4 hours 50-second portions , said about the steel sufferings ; \"Our goal here where the first short film screenings are doing . Us to the next generation will do and can do things the courage we are. You lArIndI with the support of the courage that we have received you see , I'm happy . Our film name'I'name on the third day, 4 per hour 50 seconds in captured a total of 12 minute short film . earlier in the theater playing movies no experience with our friends tried . internal fluctuations in demand and desires short film thanks occurred. our film starred Fatih paternity , players of our friends Celestial Ozer, Burak Alpine Fire, Mahmoud age , Teyfik CAA , Berat fever, Elif Lucky, Engine Dursun, helping his team colleagues Evans Trust , Joseph K Country , Eren çömlekçioğlu and Can Altuntaş . Later in the period in different projects, more beautiful Employees believe we will do . this Ereğli for Ereğli this business keen to friends've done to pave the way . everyone , thank you. \"
Ereğli Boğaçhan Lightning Rotary Club President congratulated the director Serdar Celik , gave a plaque to commemorate him .


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