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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:39

Ambitious Velioğlu Spoke

Ambitious Velioğlu Spoke
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Hope Kilimli Mayor candidate AK Party Candidate Velioğlu Kilimli reported that their projects to raise the excitement.

Zonguldak news: Hope Kilimli Mayor candidate AK Party Candidate Velioğlu Kilimli reported that their projects to raise the excitement.
AK Party Candidate hope Velioğlu Kilimli Mayor candidate, the party continued to work within the framework set by the program, he said. Civil society representatives also meet with making county problem evaluates stressed that they Velioğlu, said:
"Candidate nomination Our process is currently in progress. Parties defined by our company under the program are moving forward. This sense of his own personal my work metastable, especially in the social sector, in civil society organizations meeting in the form of progress. them to problems to make assessments form continues. this context, last night evening muhtarlarımız and have come together. them meet the problems we share. Previously we did a meeting as a continuation of the neighborhood issues to the table tilting our notes have received. these days the Kilimli ' the student service vehicles associations have visited. Their problems have listened. these types of problems by listening then we will produce projects database we are creating. Solution our recommendations the problem, taking into account the problems many we knew again the parties' discourse, taking into account our project solutions our recommendations accordingly to create a name that visit our 're doing. Meanwhile in the party program second survey these days among the people making continues. disposition was made. first survey has been done before. currently the second questionnaire, field studies to be ended know that. Later in Ankara headquarters in the relevant committees will be considered by. provincial chairperson and MPs comments with blended results to be achieved. currently two candidates these days to race. present mayor and my name is being asked.'m guessing next week us to Ankara for an interview ourselves and our projects to tell you will invite. within 15 days of the nomination process was clear, will be. Kilimli our people an intense interest in relevance and appeal, and we are faced with. A television program guest've been. There is also usually about politics our thoughts, going to projects in a wide range of our projects tell we had the opportunity. our people also divert them have had the opportunity.coming period, the nomination after projects the project in the format of our people in front will put. one to one all districts of our people will tell. study our intense will continue."
Ihlas News Agency Region Directorate Visit the process of evaluating the Velioğlu,"These days the news agency's offices courtesy visit to the know. Admission for visiting, I thank. guys previously we visited you said. Refund visit scope came. too thank you. most Kilimli in the peace and tranquility that will allow a personality that I have chosen me to think they will. because Kilimli fighting, noise and squabbling in the recent period so tired states. energy and synergy has lost is. future-oriented projects step will lose states. fighting and noise environment, no one wants. first point is this. secondary matters neighborhood in visits witnessed a lot. urban sense a new-design a new executive planner personality are waiting. that sense, my project in my earlier candidacy in my speech as I mentioned in humans generate excitement, brand Kilimli possible to imagine projects. imagination without anything way. our people this dream partner if we can get you the reaction I and continued to receive my response from what I understand I imagined my favorites humans is looking hot. these dreams become a partner at the point of a big favor,"he said.

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