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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 17:03

Ambulance Request for Police Assistance

Ambulance Request for Police Assistance
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You Eskisehir Turkish Health Branch President Hussein's blackout, paramedic lives of the employees concerned for their safety, said:"Violence against events like ambulances, police support,"he said.

Eskişehir news: Turkish Health You Eskisehir Branch President Hussein Dim the paramedic employees' personal safety are concerned about, said:"The violence against ambulances, police support we want,"he said.
December 22 Paramedics days due to the announcement, Hussein blackout an ambulance field duty paramedics violence in the streets that he has suffered, Ways to cut and beaten until komalık said. January-September 2013 period, the eighth month 112 emergency service workers injured and sick intervened on the spot 366 times victims of domestic violence stated that the blackout's,"This violence has reached the size description is enough,"he said.
Health Sen Turkish Ministry in the report they offer and ambulances, police support that they want to Branch President Hussein blackout's, said:
"Aambulans employees tire iron beaten with such as events occur, our request how necessary is revealed. 112 employees, paramedics rescue worry fallen into their lives for the security concerned is reluctant. This solution must be produced. all the difficulties and problems against 24/7 health service offering paramedic and 112 employees, our friends in the personnel rights improvements should be made. All health care workers that demands depreciation granting of revolving funds for retirement to be reflected regulations should be implemented."

Ambulance Request for Police Assistance" comments for.


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