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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:09

American Military Bags Per Pass Tgb'li in custody

American Military Bags Per Pass Tgb'li in custody
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TGB members sacks per pass an American military in Eminonu 12 people were taken into custody.

İstanbul news: Photo Eminönü in the morning hours of the American military sack per pass Turkey Youth Union ( TGB) on the side with members of about 50 people met at the Kadikoy pier in Eminonu . Group , \"Yankee Go Home\"was the slogan chanted for a while . Who followed press release, TGB Istanbul Provincial Chairman Ugur Aytac, our American soldiers will feel breath always breathing down their necks . Now investigations lead us . This investigation is a proud achievement for us , \"he said . Aytac Photo describing how the incident, \"We suspect that the members of the party in the direction of the US Navy , we asked . They confirm our questions. Then we brought a lot of killer wished that all members are US military . We wanted to get the hell out of the homeland . Then we made the sack action , \"he said .
Stated that the soldiers feared Ugur Aytac, \"They're scared . Finally, in a place they know they are , \"he said . Photo Description After performing the event 12 people boarded the police van was taken to Police Headquarters is located in Istanbul Vatan Caddesi , to be interrogated.

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