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  • 26 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 10:38

"An Addiction To Social Media"

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Yildirim Beyazit University Assoc.

Samsun news: Yildirim Beyazit University Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Canan, social media use is an addiction, it could be a real danger of addiction, it must be said that to deal with.
Nineteen May University (OMU) Critical Analytical Thinking conference was organized by the Commonwealth."N-Brain"conference, Yildirim Beyazit University lecturer Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Can and Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Research Officer was given by Serkan Karaismailoğlu.
Omi Atatürk Congress and Culture Center, the students showed great interest and Vice Rector Prof. conference. Dr.. Dies and Prof. Halis. Dr.. Hakan Leblebicioğlu, deans, faculty members and students attended.
explaining what is meant by N-brain Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Canan,"N-Brain say a key reason one of the brain related stories, 'the most to explain is. We your brain to advertise here we are. 1.4 kg. A brain we have. Herein function of the brain will look at. Brain known universe, the most complex object is . brain never a machine, a computer or a hard drive is not. brain distort reality is, lie, fills in the gaps, gives meaning, makes up stories and a subjective universe sets. unless needed awareness does not use. Okay, brain What is this universe is the most advanced survival fittings. We scientists of the brain as the material structure is the look at him. brain a section we look at the fact that a simpler structure emerges. bit more detail is supposed to descend. most complex thing actually the brain outside of the brain is the shell. Our dreams, our senses, sight, hearing whatever is most occurs here. 20 billion or so nerve cells are located here,"he said.
In his speech,"the brain what it does do we know?"question seeks an answer to Life,"the brain's frontal part of human values ​​that govern our part. these parts are damaged people also are getting hurt. MR tomography using techniques such as residual brain sees through and anatomic conditions investigated are able. Our hearts our brains day 57 HOD blood pumps. A two minute blood flow will cut're brain damaged in a will. these links are very important. these links in the womb occurs. Mommy established in every contact, every interaction in the brain new ways creates. world and understanding of the universe here it begins,"he said.
"SOCIAL MEDIA is an addiction"
use of social media in his speech also touches on his relationship with the brain Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Canan, drew attention to the social networking addiction. Social media use is an addiction that specifies Canan,"Social media use brain new regions run their shows. Social network with a width of brain gray matter in the amount of a correlation between there. Social media using a lot of people relations are in. Social networking addiction is a real danger might be. However, we have to cope required. via social media digital information superficial reading, temporary plasticity, distractibility, derinliksiz learning, deep thinking, the ability to disappear as have adverse effects. good sides yet? Yeah, good points there. Parallel processing capacity and instant attention growth is happening. multiple media usage and indexing skills is increasing. So the brain that information see where that easier to remember., digital and printed information in the brain in different ways are being processed,"he said.
Speech visually with a presentation supporting the students and also an active conversation that takes into Canan, was mentioned by the structure of the brain. Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Canan gave the following information was :"B e of the three different layer with the work. Brain at the bottom of the basic life activities are available. Here hurt when life ends. A top basic impulses, and the higher mind functions are. They affect each other. our mind automatically face recognition system and our brain a specific section just this section is divided."
your feelings is very important, especially emphasizing Canan,"in your life thousands of times doing the same thing if there is anything that you see the difference to you if you come to him your feelings Approach"was the phrase used . Prof. Dr.. Sinan Canan speech, Ian Stewart's"our brain, we can understand that simple if we still understand it to be as simple as going"with the promise has ended.
The brain's own gender, saying that regardless of gender, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Research Officer Serkan Karaismailoğlu the attitude of the brain highlighted in male-female relationships."How the brain would fall in love?"with the question Karaismailoğlu,"between women and men passionate connection going to focus on. Sometimes people men and women the differences between the very large thinks. Sometimes people these differences are normal argues. brain of gender are available. these gender of their sex from are independent. women and men too are fighting. The only annoyance is this; do not recognize each other,"he said.
Conference, Omi Head of the Department of Physiology. Dr.. Joiner's Cafe, Assoc. Dr.. Sinai to Canaan, Academic Advisor Prof. Critical Analytical Thinking. Dr.. Serkan Kaya Ismail Karaismailoğlu to the plaque ended up with.

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