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  • 23 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 16:37

An exhibition of works by Salvador Dali, opened caravanserai

An exhibition of works by Salvador Dali, opened caravanserai
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Date Ekmekçizade Ahmet Pasha Caravanserai in Edirne an exhibition of the works of Salvador Dali's million dollar opened.

free to visit the exhibition will be open until November 3.

the support of the Council and Honorary Curator of Art in different parts of the world, with the contribution paid Özdemir an exhibition, art lovers in Turkey opened in Izmir, Edirne, free of charge for the second time. The opening of an exhibition of the work of 15 million dollars worth of 30 Edirne Governor Hasan Duruer, Mayor Hamdi Sedefçi, Rector of the University of Thrace. Dr. Honorary Curator of Art made with nomad and Özdemir beats.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Edirne Governor Hasan Duruer

, Ekmekçizade Ahmet Pasha Caravanserai, a beautiful art like a nice place to host the event said that history. Artists at the beginning of the values ​​of a society that emphasizes community Duruer,"If artists olmazda differences in society, aware of surroundings varılmazdı. Here is the architect of this beautiful work Sedefkar Mehmet Aga, who is also the Sultan Ahmet Mosque. Magnificent monuments, magnificent beauty. Fact we can not use these works to be worthy. Such a work is elsewhere in the world would be a scene of cultural and artistic events in a continuous manner. Approximately 15 months here. 10th time, or have used, or not used here. anyone have an important role here."she said.

Edirne is one of the most beautiful cities in the world Duruer representing the Governor, the description said :"F But true beauty of this there are serious difficulties in marketing. recent times emerging trends in the world One of the creative cities. should work seriously think about it in Edirne. Kismet is a design studio with no university from scratch. going to do with this university. Hopefully antebellum extracts unique beauty all together, we can offer a gift from the people very easily , people who come here can not go without the pursuit of things to offer. Want it, covered markets not only in selling soap and cleaner. past with the present to get the works. would not be up there, but let's stick to the past. believe moving forward."

Edirne has noted that they are in some serious work in the marketing of products redesigned He continued,"We have the support of studies to be an important university and the municipality. Hopefully, the tradesmen to do the work that will support a serious, Edirne yi carry a different location. because everything worthy of Edirne. Edirne is one of the important cities of the Ottoman Empire. çıktığımız with her previous civilizations have their own culture and history I think that we will not leave."he explained.

Edirne Mayor Hamdi Sedefçi 92 years as the capital of the Ottoman state, all the time reminding people of the city, an important city on the nature and culture, he said. Sedefçi,"Edirne art all the time, has been a city of culture and education. 6-7 festival every year we are making in the municipality. This is a concrete expression of our culture, our values. Edirnemizin There are sculptures in every corner. Sculptures sew. These in the art and concrete expression of the artist that we value. Edirne always culture, art and education should be the center. Our claim this. incrementally for this since more than 20 years working to provide beauty to the city."she said.

Salvador Dali Sedefçi voicing an extraordinary human being,"Very good, and a lot of clever art exhibition Edirnemizde branch to unveil a genius I am delighted to have been involved. Hopefully, within the exhibition remains open to serve our people. Exhibition us get better."said.

An exhibition of works by Salvador Dali, opened caravanserai" comments for.


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