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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:49

An expanded meeting of the Provincial Court of Felicity Party

An expanded meeting of the Provincial Court of Felicity Party
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Felicity Party ( SP) Expanded Provincial Court Meeting was held in Eskişehir .

Eskişehir news: Speaking at the meeting , Deputy Chairman of the SP
and 54 Period Environment Minister Ziyaettin Tokar , events in the Middle East, Turkey will be affected to a large extent claimed. Tokar , \"Turkey enters the big make mistakes. , Germany's most powerful ally in Southeast convulsions empty leave is not the kind ,\"he said .
In recent years in Turkey and worldwide political and geographic serious changes occurred attention Tokar , \"Mobilisation of the acceleration has gained . Middle East all over the world countries showdown a pure unification to begin. world countries rapidly polarization to over Middle East began policymaking , the former partners of death began to leave , \"he said.
Tokar , Middle East, Turkey's entry into large would be a mistake , the entry of Turkey's only mobile hospitals, schools and charitable organizations and should be limited , he said.
President Erdogan's rhetoric and Referring to the High Council elections Tokar , he continued:
\"the ruling party , which is the reason for the existence of the United States seems to internalize genetic hormone . So creating a fear of an enemy constantly pumps the votes of recruits . In the recent period \"parallel organization\"dubbed a communal conflict is observed wisely . Even the President of the country in this regard has been made ​​statements router and the destination pointer . 12 years , who served as Prime Minister Erdogan's statement as a political party chairman speech gives the greatest harm to democracy . Erdogan is actually everything . He is a president , he is a commander in chief , he is the Chairman of the Council of Ministers , he is the president of the people , he is at the top of the political parties , it is everything. But rather could not fill the place appointed Ahmet Davutoglu , the party that starts at the base shifts , live to see that the question of legitimacy to intervene in cases before branching out making speeches cover decorated with the rhetoric has been in the field . President's move begins to lose its neutrality with regret that we see . \"

An expanded meeting of the Provincial Court of Felicity Party" comments for.


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