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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:48

Anadolujet Begins Work With ODT

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In achieving the goals of the Republic's 100th anniversary of great importance to the valuable support university-business collaboration work came from Anadolu Jet.

İstanbul news: Two years of conducting award-winning projects with Bilkent University, Anadolu Jet , also began working with METU . So far Turkey's developed many special projects, including for SMEs, in particular to achieve the 2023 target Anadolu Jet , Republic of 100th anniversary of goals , which is another important area to move our country university-business has added a new one to his work for cooperation. For this purpose, the last two years at Bilkent University with Anadolu Jet Tariffs and Network Planning this year's series of special projects carried out in collaboration with the METU also attended. New step Anadolu Jet , university-business including METU students have had the cooperation projects. Project carried out jointly with AnadoluJet Photo universities ; Schedule and Network Planning ; designed and chosen by a problem definition , project team consisting of the industrial engineering department of the university senior students and provide solutions consultant. The results obtained from this study, it is considered within the organization after solutions. Photo AnadoluJet university-industry cooperation within the scope of his projects with Bilkent students of Bilkent University in different sectors organized for working with an outstanding performance at Bilkent Industrial Engineering Project Exhibition and two years in the Competition took the top prize. Photo Institution , 2012-2013 academic year, Anadolu Jet , project tariff optimization and automation in Air Transport , which has an important place in the academic field for both the second prize in industrial engineering INFORMS's ( Institute for Operations Research \u0026 Management Systems) Undergraduate Research award. Photo Anadolu Jet , in the training , Flight Costs obtain minimization the Demand Forecasting System Design and Fleet Assignment embraced the project with the third prize .

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