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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 12:50

Anatolian Fire Makes Last Rehearsal

Anatolian Fire Makes Last Rehearsal
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Watermelon Festival which will be held in Diyarbakır 4 Anatolian Fire Dance Group who will perform at the last rehearsal time by making you wait for the festival began .

Diyarbakır news:
with the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Diyarbakir Diyarbakir Governor's Office of Culture and the Watermelon Festival jointly organized by the Fire of Anatolia Dance Group in the program the first time, according to a city region will exhibit a special dance . The group consists of 200 people, Dicle University , primary and secondary school students also work in coordination with the scene will take place. Ziya Gökalp Indoor Sports Hall continues to work group last rehearsal did.
Anatolian Fire Dance Group founder and artistic director, Mustafa Erdogan, Diyarbakır Culture and Watermelon Festival Fire of Anatolia and Diyarbakir with the artists 200 people over a staff continued preparations that he said. Erdogan, \"Diyarbakir, narrating the history of BC, seven thousand and eight thousand years from the beginning until today a special choreography, a special show we've created. Burundi's culture is exceptional contains a wealth of . World's first farmed the lands , the fertile crescent where . Diyarbakir town about five thousand year old city . Turkey's unique treasure indeed. Diyarbakir's presentation in terms of a nice event will be held . a for the first time that such a business are doing. region specific make a show for the first time we did something . here Diyarbakir primary school students , Diyarbakir middle school students , Diyarbakir elderly, Dicle University team, Fire of Anatolia full squad being . Anatolian Fire is currently touring break and this show was prepared . Diyarbakir their will appreciate a show offer . Diyarbakır's history a nod to've done . Moreover, this shows that took place in the region and across the Middle East experienced the suffering of oppressed peoples to dedicate today , they're playing for . In fact, in recent times, too much of a festive climate none but we still artistic our responsibility to them as though small, morale will try to give , \"he said .
Group , yesterday evening, his last rehearsal after the show clock began to wait .

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