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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:41

Anchovy Export 1 Million 157 Thousand Dollars In 2 Months Rate Input was provided

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Since the start of the new hunting season last 2 months period from September 1 anchovy export 1 million 157 thousand dollars was provided foreign exchange.

Trabzon news: Export was a great part of the European Union.
Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association ( DKİB ) , according to the hunt starting aquaculture on 1 September season last about 2 months in 306 thousand 374 kilograms from Turkey 1 million 157 thousand 36 dollars amount while anchovy exports in terms of value in the export made so there was an increase of 4 percent. Photo anchovy , fresh or chilled and is exported in the form as well as brine frozen product exports 247 thousand 109 kilograms consists of processed pickled products . Fresh chilled and frozen while performing the 59 thousand 66 kilograms anchovy export, export the majority of the approximately 25 tons to European Union countries are exported to the United States said.
Most anchovy exports to the country in the early 540 thousand 609 dollars in France , while this country of 411 thousand dollars in Belgium, 172 thousand dollars, the United States is following . At least 5 thousand dollars in the same period exports of anchovy money was held in Turkmenistan.

Anchovy Export 1 Million 157 Thousand Dollars In 2 Months Rate Input was provided" comments for.


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