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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 13:16

And given to the community of mental health patients

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Dr. Gaziantep Sahinbey

Dr. Gaziantep Sahinbey Ersin Arslan Community Health Center patients treated in mental health , thanks to their crafts and earn money , and having fun , they're both treated in this way .
serving about 10 months of Gaziantep Sahinbey Dr. Ersin Arslan Community Health Center has 46 patients in the mental health . Patients with severe mental disorders , this center wedding candy , handcrafted items, wooden doing various jobs such as painting puts stress .
Gaziantep Şahinbey Dr. Ersin Arslan, a psychologist at the Community Health Center , which serves as the Pearl Tekgöz institutions in the district's goal Sahinbey all of the patients with severe mental disorders to be detected and treated , he said , and reintegration . IŞKUR Adult Education Center and Gaziantep Sahinbey Dr. Ersin Arslan Community Health Center's mental health for patients as a partner started a project stating that the project gives information about Tekgöz , \"At present, approximately 6-month-long wood painting courses , Adult Education Center from our teachers through continues. these courses further dimension we wanted to move . for this purpose, İŞKUR and Public Eğitim'l with yürüteceğimiz wood painting and wedding candy with courses of patients being social , dexterity winning and doing them well and their property, which can contribute both to employment for imparting a project we are launching \"he said.
project Public Education Center's tutorial support and İŞKUR financing offer support , stating that Tekgöz , \"in these courses , our patients daily for a nominal fee receivables . , so our patients both hands to improve their skills and financially supported both high employment prerequisites for gain will be opened , \"he said .

And given to the community of mental health patients" comments for.


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