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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 10:49

And Paramedics in Amasya from Imam Walking Against Obesity

And Paramedics in Amasya from Imam Walking Against Obesity
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In Amasya, imams and health officials, in order to create awareness against obesity, joined the rally .

Amasya news: In Amasya, imams and health officials against obesity to create awareness on behalf rally attended.
Ministry of Health implemented by the Healthy Eating and Active life under the program of 2014'Healthy Living and Action Year \"Upon the proclamation every month walking events regulating Amasya Directorate of Public Health's recent activity Amasya Mufti managers, chaplains , public Health Directorate staff and citizens participated.
Mufti Adem Ayrancı and Murtaza Rose with the participation of Taraweeh prayers before the rally on placards and healthy for life moving and that are trying to highlight the importance of nutrition public Health Director Dr. Amasya . Suggest Narcissus , \"the upcoming Ramadan in the'Lent is over, now time to eat'with the idea of ​​uncontrolled eating , and also overly sweet consume our health would endanger we should not forget . Health of our replacement is not available. Should not forget that nerer move there if there is abundance says and walking event participated in our offices our personnel , we support religious officials , imams and mosque congregation Thank you very much , \"he said .
individuals against the disease health protective method to pay attention to the proposed mentioned that the Narcissus ,\"our health protection, nutrition and fiziksek activity is the primary concern . disease of our times that obesity prevention of the most important ways family a healthy lifestyle by adopting physical activity is to spend time . plenty of water , drink plenty of fruits and vegetables to consume , prepared foods to avoid , dietary guidelines , as well as an active life to live as a result our health, protects and chronic disease risk of contracting decrease our'll be , \"he said .

And Paramedics in Amasya from Imam Walking Against Obesity" comments for.


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