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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 09:00

And Sengal Description from Vatbo Rojav

And Sengal Description from Vatbo Rojav
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Van Mercantile Exchange ( VATBO ) in the press for some sensations lead to misperceptions made ​​a press statement .

Van news: Van Mercantile Exchange ( VATBO ) in the press for some sensations lead to misperceptions made ​​a press statement .
VATBO from a written statement, \"In our country the main agenda items into one of the incoming and social consciousness of our unity and solidarity reviving the spirit of the Middle East geography developments in the Van Mercantile Exchange as a close interest and relevance and are able to follow . the years-long suffering , persecution , to tears , injustice and inhumane treatment have been exposed to the ancient Middle East geography brother peoples a part of us is . there that falls a bomb , there is rising every scream we also hurt us being human I said everyone in his heart deep scars in its wake. race, language, religion, sect, no matter what living in this region all the fraternal peoples attacks on the brutality condemn these grave of the table for a moment before the expiry of God entreat \"the statement said .
the public's attention at any other matters the statement also asked to indicate , \"Van Mercantile Exchange as our foundation until today , both in our province , both in our region and our country need no event that is happening in our world , we remain indifferent to any development . Public institutions and organizations and all stakeholders, especially our playing partners acting on our door , no issues , parties , without ignoring the idea of ​​unconditional , we owe to offer unconditional support . Iraq and Syria in the geography of these developments , the same time period in our institution experienced and valued our people follow closely the electoral process and the new government to determine in the period from the public a broken identity clad to be the agenda and developments unaware that we should not mean . On the contrary, the mandate Us in our environment that is happening all closely follow developments have , in the place the necessary steps urgently take hope we \"the statement said .
Organizations and there is cause requirements of the public as to serve the way so far to step back their statement, \"people with the same precision , sharing Iraq and Syria , in Sengal , Rojava , the wailing and lamentation in the land of the rising Kopana developments in all geographies in which we have mobilized all the required and necessary tool to help our needy brothers and sisters we deliver . Our businessmen , our members have mobilized If possible, have all the necessary initiatives . Other civil society organizations in Van , our people , our businessmen and Van economies precious guiding everyone to participate in this call , it is impossible to support . Van people remain in a difficult situation , the difficult situation in the know and those who encroach the public without the need to fulfill its responsibilities . It did not have the slightest doubt , then it will not be . As yesterday today and tomorrow, our mission and our position due to the pain day , sweet day , and our stakeholders , both public institutions and our organizations , and our people , agendas to pursue , our strength and our intentions not enough for all kinds of activities at the forefront willingly found that we once again said in the press, some of the sensations misperceptions cause to hope that \"he was given .
also VATBO management, members and business people with their work as a result of 600 packages of aid packages Sengal and Rojava to be sent to Van Municipality officials be delivered as specified.

And Sengal Description from Vatbo Rojav" comments for.


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