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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:07

Angef President Massoud Elm:

Angef President Massoud Elm:
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Anatolian Youth Association ( ANGEF ) Chairman Mesut Elm, \"must not forget that behind the great success comes great faith.

Ankara news: Do not invented just to save money on your new venture ; Consider also win the hearts , \"he said . Located in the assessment of the
social entrepreneurship Elm, social entrepreneurs stating that the person who innovative solutions to the problems leading society,\"not just the difference commercial entrepreneurs challenges and opportunities of such approach towards assessment , risk-taking and goes to the analysis way in innovative ways ; they said they are committed to solving social problems . They can profit they take the initiative to ensure the continuity of social entrepreneurs. That is the most beautiful example of trying to be happy, so we can define social entrepreneurship . Educate young people in our country because entrepreneurs often than not the Our ​​unique statist society gathered together a little on the agenda , we could not get the train still stops at the public youth and their families. What happens when children grow up often when asked teachers, doctors, police , etc. , we get answers. These occupations are related to the public. We see however, that entrepreneurship is an advanced setting up businesses as well as to find a job at the time of the public or private sector, we look at society emerge as a career choice , \"he said .
Entrepreneurial creativity and innovation is very important that highlight the Elms , \"Creativity and our innovative behavior also develop a feature . From a young age to reveal her being placed in a mold and providing appropriate conditions need to be improved . On the other hand, in terms of risk youth event more generous in taking risks . Then in terms of the ability to both creativity risk youth are more suitable in terms of entrepreneurship. Given the state of education in our country entrepreneurs appear to be about 80 percent of university graduates . Usually a university degree in business who have established youth trying to get a college education . So in this case , including universities, primarily related to young people's education , we can only conclude that they have developed programs for the slope of the young people to find work in other organizations. Entrepreneurship also began to be discussed more recently would be a career option . Youth and Sports Ministry's \"young, entrepreneur I , stronger \"project to show an example , \"he said .
Elm, stating that they understood social entrepreneurship to young people , said:
\"many years of our employees are management and our friends in the civil society arena said that the main point is that projects are increasingly being less favored in civil society. Instead, social entrepreneurship, we also met-client networks , mentoring and more used , is going on spreading vehicles. We are progressing well , in this connection . Youth of our country's politicians, academics, and meet successful people in business, mentoring and receive our main goal is to establish their own businesses. First, you should attempt to do it yourself and you must believe in the island anyway . It should be noted that the income of great faith behind great success . Do not invented just to save money on your new venture , think about winning hearts. Absolutely not act hasty, unless you keep your faith strong development that will be in your favor . Perform continuous research on your new venture and you adapt yourself as appropriate . Be friendly to your target audience , sincerity and good faith is absolutely new doors will open to you . Success can be measured not only by bringing monetary concept . Add value to the ecosystem you are, you have high job creation potential, signing a development that will make a difference in the industry is an indicator of whether you succeed . \"

Angef President Massoud Elm:" comments for.


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