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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:53

Anil:look forward to the conclusion of a new constitution for a moment before work

Anil:look forward to the conclusion of a new constitution for a moment before work
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Association of the Bar of Samsun Av.

Necat Anil, a new constitution, which has become quite a stir with the social expectations of the process is extremely slow ulaştırılamadığını unfinished works and studies, he said. Anil,"Moreover, in the future, and after the parliamentary elections to be held in the local elections and the election of Turkey's agenda indexing will result in this opportunity slip away. In this regard, all parties in the Assembly under the umbrella of a common procedure to determine and conclude with the hope that the work of a moment ago ."she said.

Ataturk Monument wreath-laying ceremony at the opening of the judicial year 2013-2014 Samsun begun. After the ceremony, the Regional Administrative Court Hall of the guests were given a cocktail.

Samsun Atatürk Monument ceremony, the Chief Public Prosecutor Ali Yeldan, Regional Administration Court President Ali Telli, President of the Bar Association and the Notary Chamber President Omar Faruk Comb Necat Anil institutions presented the memorial wreath. Then here is a reading of respect for the National Anthem and the program ended. Then the Office of the Prosecutor and Samsun Samsun Samsun Regional Administration Court Bar Association jointly held a cocktail lounge.

opening speech of the President of the Bar cocktail Av. Necat Anil said that the new constitution ulaştırılamadığını conclusion of the construction works. Parliament called on the parties to conclude as soon as possible in the new constitution Anil kaçırılmamasını repeatedly asked for the opportunity because of the local and parliamentary elections.

"drug traffickers AÇTIRILMADI EYE"& & nbsp;

Samsun Yeldan Ali in his speech, the Chief Public Prosecutor for drug traffickers, especially in the last period of the successes achieved as a result of the coordinated efforts family. Attorney General Yeldan,"Republican Başsavcılığımız drug production and trafficking, particularly by those involved in investigations related to, the amount of drugs seized and the number of suspects has increased remarkably, our province as a destination and transit point of wanting to use against drug traffickers City Police Department and the provincial gendarmerie command units have been used successfully as a result of the efforts of self-sacrifice."he spoke.


Samsun Courthouse reminiscent of the number of staff has increased with each passing year Yeldan Attorney General,"the number of employees during the period 612 551'den , the number of judges and prosecutors went from 69 to 83. together with colleagues from the newly appointed seven new court was established. increase the efficiency of the investigation in order to ensure legal protection of victims of crime established in recent years, domestic violence, crimes and reconciliation offices or in addition to sports, the judicial IT and operational offices in over the years has been corruption offenses. Widespread and left a major impact on our society with these types of crime investigation paves the way for an effective way by means of expert consultants."she said. said.

"started off with a delinquent CHILDREN"

'Play Again' by Ali Yeldan records come out with the project, said the children were involved in crimes "S oruşturma under judicial control, electronic monitoring, execution phase of the audit, education, treatment and guidance to fulfill the duties of Probation Branch, with the Governor Huseyin Aksoy, the contribution of OSA may be an example in the field of 'Play Again' to implement a project named began. infected children and youth crime project opportunities and equal access to resources, participation in social and cultural activities and professional edindirici, crime and criminal aspects of the social integration of children and young people by removing aimed to provide about 300 thousand. sürüklenmelerinin this project for the prevention of children and youth crime, judicial and administrative authorities a good example of co-ordination and co-operation between"


crimes of domestic violence and sexual abuse against children in the studies provided information about the Attorney General Yeldan ,"domestic violence, along with psycho-social support for victims of domestic violence proceedings BOLL S. Violence Prevention and Monitoring Center, Center for Child Monitoring is carried out operations against child abuse. occurring in these centers up to investigate the incident, the new preventive measures aimed to prevent incidents. general public in the agenda of the Domestic Violence Crimes Against Children Sexual Abuse and effective legal protection in order to prevent incidents as well as economic and social aspects of women and children and the community through education, awareness should be supported."she said.

for cocktails AK Party deputy Mustafa Demir Samsun, Samsun Deputy Governor Osman Nuri Çobanoğlu, Garrison Commander, Brigadier General Vanishing Ekinci, Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, OMU Rector. Dr. Hüseyin Akan, Janik Success University Rector. Dr. Yunus Bekdemir, İlkadım Mayor Necattin Demirtas, President of the Commission of Justice Otçu Husain, the Regional Administrative Court President Ali Telli, Secretary-General of the Special Provincial Administration of Adam Armstrong, Notary Chamber President Umar Farouk Comb judges, prosecutors and lawyers attended the meeting.

Anil:look forward to the conclusion of a new constitution for a moment before work

Anil:look forward to the conclusion of a new constitution for a moment before work" comments for.


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