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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:55

Animal Protection Day Celebrated

Animal Protection Day Celebrated
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Faruk Yalcin Darıca held at Zoo World Animal Protection Day, celebrated on the programs .

Kocaeli news:
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, World Animal Protection Day was organized due to the program . Faruk Yalcin Zoo Darıca conducted in primary school children in the program by visiting the zoo , had the opportunity of seeing wild animals . Program Advisor to the President Nermin Tola , Zoo Yucel Yilmaz , General Manager , Branch Manager of Water Affairs and Forestry and the Holy Gençoğlu attended primary school children . Zoo general manager Yucel Yilmaz , October 4 Animal Protection Day program organized on the occasion of the animals that we share with the world in his speech said that the need to protect them . Yilmaz, \"zoos animals in their natural habitat destruction because it is important . 365 days the animals , protect the environment we need to . World with them we share ,\"he said .
Water Affairs and Forestry Branch Manager Karim Gençoğlu , the \"love of nature plants and animals love begins with . Our ancestors animals gave great importance . conquest of Istanbul since dogs part of Istanbul had become . Turks in history stray animals compassionate towards occurred have taken place . these houses the largest precedent bird house as shown , \"he said .
Advisor to the President Nermin Toller in his speech on the Day of the Protection of Animals of stray animals is not only includes all the animals , he said. Nermin Tol, \"to uphold only the stray animals is not. All the protection of animals in need . Metropolitan Municipality as the protection of animals for the various activities we are . Stray animals to our care and rehabilitation centers have opened ,\"he said .
After the speeches, elementary school students zoo were given a tour .


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