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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 07 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 18:28

Ankara'Iraq Current Situation Assessment'Meeting

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Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) Chairman Adil Konukoğlu in Ankara, chaired Economy Minister Nihat ZEYBEKCİ Iraq Current Situation Assessment'attended the meeting .

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) Chairman Adil Konukoğlu in Ankara, chaired Economy Minister Nihat ZEYBEKCİ Iraq Current Situation Assessment'attended the meeting .
at the meeting held at the Ministry of Economy , the recent developments in Iraq, Turkey's economy and exports were interviewed for the effects . Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the Ministry of Customs and Trade, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry officials attended the meeting of the parliamentarians, civil society organizations , exporters and industrialists , company representatives took place. At the meeting, in Iraq, the recent events in Gaziantep economy on the impact GSO, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and in Gaziantep Mercantile Exchange in collaboration , the survey result of the report prepared in line was presented .
GSO President Adil Konukoğlu , his in a statement, the sixth largest exporter city of Gaziantep, which was reminiscent of last year to $ 6.5 billion of exports . The largest markets are in first from Iraq in 2013 to 2.3 billion dollars of exports attention they added:\"For this reason Iraq in all sorts of developments in Gaziantep economy are closely related . Hopefully a moment before the regional peace and stability attained ,\"he said . < br/> Gaziantep Iraq from January to May 2014 period of the previous year over the same period by 12 percent, an increase of 949 million 818 thousand dollars of export stating that Konukoğlu basic food of the industrial products are so many items in the product they sent said.
Konukoğlu in meeting their reports regarding said , \"Recently, in Iraq , regional stability and the economy threatening events in the region, relations relating businessmen and industrialists by are being closely monitored . Gaziantep to Iraq from exporting 217 companies , among manufacture in Gaziantep engaged and Iraq to the various parts selling 98 companies have made with our discussions as a result of the current situation to determine the effects were studied. \"
our country and Gaziantep's exports that have importance in Iraq for companies in Gaziantep close trade ties create emphasizing the GSO President Konukoğlu , the report's conclusions on portion are shared , \"company most of Iraq direct sales choose to do , while the particular area of ​​northern Iraq opened at the office or warehouse with products from that region of Iraq to other areas sender proportion of firms can not be underestimated is also . In the same way as office and warehouse in Mosul-Kirkuk possession , but after recent developments in firms that are losing their connection . Companies that operate in these areas provided there most of the elements from Turkey , although there are elements of the sender . Direct selling into northern Iraq through the Iraq or companies using northern Iraq as the central region in the last period of the most important issues reported about the incident ; Due to security of life and property can not be provided transportation to the Mosul-Baghdad area of alternative transportation facilities identified a moment ago that you should be ready to use . Otherwise , the large decline in orders will continue . In addition, the majority of firms doing business in the region Inward Processing Permit ( DİİB ) , Eximbank loans and/or public-private bank loans are used. Be a victim of this company in the short and medium term bank loans for their DİİB and the issue of extension of time should be revised . Due to the tight bonds formed in Iraq , most of the industrialists , the event will be solved and are continuing expectations that trade will not be affected . \"

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