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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:42

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor MAG:\"Aylin Nazlıaka going to court \"

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Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih, \"Aylin pray diarrhea .

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih, \"Aylin diarrhea pray . Dysentery could be . Anything could happen . Business The funny thing is , unfortunately, a fugitive with a pipe in the mains water pulled . Disgrace worse confounded ,\"he said .
Ankara Metropolitan Mayor MAG, held at the Atatürk Cultural Center attended the 18th International Agricultural Fair . Trade the views contained in MAG journalists'questions answered .
Mains water is used for diarrhea, claiming that CHP Ankara deputy Aylin Nazlıaka upon complaint of the sample to obtain this morning in the area doing research ASKİ teams building well water is used to detect evaluating the MAG made the following statement was:
\"Today in Ankara, an exemplary happened. know CHP Ankara deputy , be they inside the headliner as , so to speak Coy Mistress had . civil society organizations, most of them ideological civil society organizations in Ankara campaign launched . Start the campaign ; Ankara's water was filthy and that the runs do that . campaign just as I said, Aylin Nazlıaka a starring conducted . this issue some warning came in to us . Our friends yesterday, first go check out the warehouse had . today, members of the media many of the toured . warehouse full a disaster. leak opened a water well . opened our first detection of leaks in the well that the chlorine is not used . Chlorine can be used in place now all kinds of diseases . Aylin pray diarrhea . It could be dysentery . Anything could happen . The funny thing is , unfortunately, mains water leak in a pipe and pulled . The unmitigated disgrace . Today you can see the tank cleaned state . Aylin has given instructions based on the information given there of . Journalists can come here , clean out the tank said. Now You wake up and have diarrhea she bawl gonna leak water're going to use , illegal wells'll open up the leak from the well contaminated the water going to use , then diarrhea're going to be , and then we will leave at the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality mud at will. The man's face remains stuck at work like mud . Events have occurred. Aylin their diarrhea cases , their own negligence , like throwing water directly in the network have a greed to patronize and was caught red-handed . Now let's see how the situation will discuss with wonder. \"
Condition they will definitely move to court underlines MAG, \"Minimum 15 , maximum up to 40 thousand pounds per apartment next sentence . Since 2001, this crime is being committed . Due to a serious penalty . In addition, they use water to leak from one year to three years imprisonment there . If you have permission to remove the show well . We do not permit our initial detection of the well . Well water can not stand on even more . You will pay the penalty pull. Now illegal in many places in Ankara tarasak well could find . Rather get it from mains water pipe leaks crime. Is this a worthy MPs ? In particular, the issue of leakage is not possible to forgive . Aylin going to court , \"he said .

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor MAG:\"Aylin Nazlıaka going to court \"" comments for.


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