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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 12:56

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting

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Ankara (dpa)-Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assembly of Xinjiang Municipality's budget was also adopted unanimously.

Ankara news: Thus, the district has completed the discussion of the budget of the municipality.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assembly 2 Deputy Chairman of the meeting held under the chairmanship of David Virtue Xinjiang Municipality's 2014 fiscal year budget in accordance with the Plan and Budget Committee discussed the report, was adopted unanimously. As in all previous Xinjiang district municipalities in the adoption of the budget at the county council has acted in unison. Xinjiang Municipality's budget-related substances separate reading after the adoption of Xinjiang Mayor Mustafa Tuna's no excuse therefore inability to find the President on behalf of Xinjiang Councillor Solomon Karacan, budgets for their support to members of parliament thanked.
District municipalities of the budget all unanimously approved the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, AS, the EGO and the Metropolitan Municipality 2014 fiscal year budget with the negotiations will be completed.
HANIMI SPECIAL"ladies matinee"
the other hand, in Ankara ladies waiting for special concerts and entertainment programs. Metropolitan Municipality, the Municipality's"Ladies Matinee heading of"special concerts and entertainment for the ladies in the direction of arranging the Presidency POSTAL also unanimously agreed. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality since 1994, since for women, social, cultural, artistic and sports in his activities with the people of Ankara appreciated taken note that the Presidency Text with Ankaralı for ladies"Ladies Matinee"with the name of a series of concerts and entertainment program is planned to be specified. POSTAL presidency, according to the Metropolitan District Council deems appropriate costs to be covered by the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara ladies organized a series of special concerts and entertainment programs for the authority was asked. Text comes to the Presidency was accepted unanimously.

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