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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 11:56

Ankle Sprains Charter to the Protective Measures

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The scene of the great struggle of athletes in sports , one of the most common problems for ankle sprains , experts said that preventive measures should be taken .

The scene of the great struggle of athletes in sports , one of the most common problems for ankle sprains , experts said that preventive measures should be taken . Ankara
Acibadem Hospital Specialist Professor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Dr. Mehmet BİNNET , gave information about sprains . Ankle ligament sprain of the most common injuries in sports and everyday life BİNNET stating that , according to international studies in 27 thousand people every day , he said the ankle ligament injury . Every day 10 thousand people BİNNET pointed out that one of the sprained ankle , at least half of them stated that serious sprains . These types of injuries seen in athletes voicing BİNNET more , 45 percent of basketball injuries , football injuries , 30 percent , 25 percent of athletic injuries develop in the ankle joint is stressed. BİNNET ankle injuries occurring as 75 percent of ligament injury that they are 85 feet inward buckling experienced with , he said.
\" protective measures if ACTIVE SPORTS LIFE LONG-TERM interrupted \"
Athletes protective measures to be taken in case of sprains often repeated saying that BİNNET ,\"this joint's cartilage deterioration in the results . conclusion active sports life, long-term interruptions neither , \"he said .
sprain a ligament injury expression stated that they had BİNNET , \"ankle sprain primarily severity of injury have an idea , try to be . slight buckling in-detects cold application and bandage athletes continue to play, letting may be objectionable . Inspection significant joint laxity is present and running when I tried to severe pain and limping If it is sports or the current activation can not continue is . ankle immediately inflates and limitation of movement if you develop intra-articular bleeding is likely , \"he said.
Most sprains in the main emergency treatment at rest , cold application, elastic bandage with the application of compression and leg in a high place BİNNET unusual elation saying that consists of putting the injured area to protect it from additional damage and light splints benefit in using crutches , he said . BİNNET , cold or ice application reduce swelling and heal quickly to ensure the right should be implemented , he noted .
\" ankle sprain ONLY REST < strong> DRUM AND DRUGS incurable \"
15 or 20 minute applications , ice bag in a towel wrapped intervention of pointing to the importance BİNNET ,\"this , as the case 1-3 could take days . During this period, a definitive diagnosis should be . place when pressed , so the load is given pain as long as the legs on the burden should not be given . Rehabilitation severity of injury compared to 1-4 weeks. Sporting after returning to a period of re-sprain is a high risk . Typically, the second buckling from the first , third sprain second is worse than . therefore sufficient to promote healing after injury 6 weeks may be appropriate to use bandages or bracelets . ankle sprain is not a bad injury , but rehabilitation is needed to treat an injury . Just resting , bandages and medicines is not an injury to be treated . If so treated often develop chronic ankle laxity \"he said .

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