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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 17:10

Anne Yeliz left:I can not think of anything

Anne Yeliz left:I can not think of anything
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Buruncuk neighborhood of the town of Nevsehir Kozaklı mother who lost her two children in the fire house to the left Yeliz, very afraid of the sight of the fire, the glass broke, but said he did not hand anything else.

too afraid to enter the room and saw that the fire

anguished mother,"scared, I could not do anything. tried to break the windows., but could not come in. I've cracked it. could not do a thing. we can and nothing. 10-15 minutes prior to the event without the kids together."she said.

watching television at home with his mother, his brothers saw the fire while trying to save the 12-year-old left Oguzhan"My mother was ill, was lying on the couch. I said, have a look around. Did not have anything in the kitchen. Room, opened the door of flame came out, I went up to the . called the fire department."distraction to us, we give to the police."she closed the phone."claimed.

Kozaklı Sola Municipality Station firefighter father, who served as the first event in his time, faced with the loss of life in their own home, he said. To be the cause of the incident in which the electrical contact in the form of estimates yet, but stated that kesinleşmediğini Left,"Because it's an old house. Melted wires to the old house. Above the spark to take cover on the bed had fallen mesh. Secret to have fallen on the bed started to burn, could not notice him. partner computer to check their children's play room, opened the door and shoot out a sudden burst. Fireman hidden fire that lit the room lights up and goes up to 800 degrees. takes oxygen and explosion door is opened to those that would be unconscious at the time. the same petrol such as spilled spread around. the same as it is in my house, causes the growth of the fire at a time. outcome might have been different if we had we intervened. Few people came to own such an event, I do not know. For the first time I got my role in my own house. most painful duty. went so far no loss of life was not my role. yaşatmadım No pain, but the pain I've had in my own home. could not save. took my hand, but zehirlenmişlerdi. Both died in spite of the intervention. Both kids trying the 12-year-old son was with her mother. looking into the TV in the next room. brothers saw the state wanted to go inside but escaped out poisoning. my child and my wife was poisoned, but saved them. Allah forgave them to us. Allah did not rebel in no time, I always thanked. Again, I will continue to be grateful for."she said. Ozan 17 years for trying to work out when there is a fire that is left of his father's search, he said.

Anne Yeliz left:I can not think of anything Anne Yeliz left:I can not think of anything Anne Yeliz left:I can not think of anything Anne Yeliz left:I can not think of anything left Anne Yeliz:I can not think of anything Anne Yeliz left:I can do there was nothing

Anne Yeliz left:I can not think of anything" comments for.


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