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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 31 Ağustos 2013, Cumartesi 17:11

Announced the results of the placement Yurtkur

Announced the results of the placement Yurtkur
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Press conference on the results of placement of 370 thousand 338 students abroad 2013-2014 YURTKUR website loaded.

INTERNET NEWS -Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kilic, a second loan arrangement fees for university students can work on, said:" work after graduation entered the next period, the repayment of a loan application in order to realize if the work can be done on the request comes from an intense ,"he said.

Sword, 2013-2014 370 thousand 338 students at a press conference the results of placement abroad YURTKUR uploaded to the website.

310 thousand beds in dormitories, bunk eksiltilmesine 25 thousand, but protected expression of the Sword , bunk beds, completely removing the base system in all dorms, said they are aiming to pass.

This year, 47 thousand 423'ü girls, 40 boys, a total of 87 thousand 702 thousand at 279 be placed in the student's dormitory Sword, capacity building If the resident or decrease in the number of students, the backup from the placement of approximately 85 thousand students in the electronic environment noted. Sword, this year will remain in dormitories of 6 thousand 316 foreign students, he said.

YURTKUR general manager in the implementation of the quota of 5 per cent this year, last used in the given reminiscent Sword,"looking at what the quota of 5 per cent, of what to be used by the principal. mı'duygusunu In this way our young life has more to eliminate the injustice başında'bir aim,"he said.

long as the application states that the contribution of the students to eat 200 pounds of swordfish, it cost $ 339 million 10-month pounds gave the information.

The number of higher education graduates student loan benefiting 687 thousand 340, indicating that the sword after January 1, 2014, this figure is 900 thousand new applications from the anticipated rise in its preparations accordingly, he said.

Sword, the number of students receiving scholarships as of January 1, 2014 they are expecting 301 thousand to 400 thousand increase, bringing the cost of 1 billion 249 million pounds last year's scholarships is reported.

-"8 double rooms were liquidated"

dormitory rooms with a capacity of 8 persons and above is being purged from the beginning of the year will not room for 8 people voicing the Sword,"will notice the change in the resident students return from summer holidays"she said.

Sword, loans, scholarships, food additives, construction and renovation of the country for the last year, spending a total of 6 billion 191 million TL has been done.

Fees 2012-2013 Sword removed reminiscent of the academic year, 1.2 billion pounds, it said that the burden of the public finances.

UK beefed up fees of up to 3 times, indicating that reached up to nine thousand pounds Sword, despite the economic crisis that shook Europe said that they waive their fees.

Sword,"Free Internet is my Country House"campaign, which has one of Europe's largest internet networks YURTKUR'da students reported that they would continue to benefit from free wireless internet access.

military police school students in the school and the credit

Minister Sword, military schools, the students of the school and the police by noting that the high school students this year, as well as learning the necessary loan documents yararlandırılacağını school students admitted to the military and police said.

Sword, land, air and naval academy, GATA 9 thousand 815, the Police Academy and Police Vocational Schools said 17 thousand 726 students benefit from higher education credit.

"Second tuition fees are not"

Then answering questions Sword, a journalist on the question of payment of the second education students"Fees tuition fees last year, but the second is not so removed that were exempt from tuition fees . the first education students who attend higher education harcıydı figures that you have to pay, we have removed it. secondary tuition fees will continue. Mortar and work on an arrangement as a loan. graduation to work after entering the next period, the repayment of a loan application to perform the work can be done on if the request comes from an intense,"he said.

secondary education, security, cleaning, heating and cooling, due to the high cost of tuition costs in addition to the teachers pointed out that the Sword of a system, these costs are being subsidized by the government told us that 80 per cent of .

"Restriction on the way is not the primary target"

dormitory students visited and there would restrict the use of the Internet, especially social media on the question of the Sword, resident students have learned the demands and problems of reaching them through social media, he said. Sword, opening the way for social media is not restricted to the primary target, he said.

Sword Answering the question of whether or not any filtering, internet courses the students, what they need for their research, adding that"my Country House Free Internet is a wide scope of campaign Broadband Internet service, unless the restrictions are on the line will not be used for the purposes of, but paying for it out of his pocket, of course, those who desire an unlimited package at any package, in the immensity of wills rights and has the ability to access,"he said.

Sword, a Another question on the seismic retrofit work done in dormitories, some of the transfers mentioned that new buildings dormitories.

"The room and the camera will not be in the corridors"

dorms placed the camera systems on the question of the Sword, but outdoor cameras will be emphasized rooms and corridors. Is the subject of this notice as the public expression of the Sword deceive, dormitories is a large part of this system, noted that those who do the work for.

Sword, this system is used in dormitories pointed out independently of the disclosure of the events around them.

Following the announcement, Sword, TC identification number, the country ranked according to the results of placement uploaded to the website YURTKUR through the system.

Sword, affirmative action for female students, they said, 61 per cent of the resident girls settlement, adding that 39 percent of male students.

Announced the results of the placement Yurtkur" comments for.


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