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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 13:14

Ant keçiören Martyrs of Srebrenica

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Keçiören Municipality, in July of 1995, the center of Europe suffered genocide at Srebrenica, remember that your brother has 8 thousand 372 .

Keçiören Municipality, in July of 1995, the center of Europe suffered genocide at Srebrenica, remember that your brother has 8 thousand 372 .
Alija Izetbegovic Park in the Srebrenica Monument in front of the \"Srebrenica Massacre Commemoration Program\"Bosnia and Herzegovina's Ambassador Damir Dzanko , Ümraniye Mayor Mustafa Ak , Botanica Governor Nusret Dirim , Kosovo Consular officials, Councillors and a large number of citizens. Speaking at the ceremony , Ambassador Dzanko , 10 days ago IDs detected 175 Srebrenica killed more buried by stating that \"the Second World War occurred after the largest is genocide in Srebrenica . 10 thousand people were massacred . All the Turkish people and the Turkish authorities , especially Mustafa Ak Thank you very much I'm . their consolation is happening to our families of martyrs they do . they give us messages of love and support , \"he said . The two countries among the peoples of strong ties and that these break the bonds that expresses Dzanko , \"Srebrenica mothers and daughters on behalf I thank you ,\"he said.
\"SREBRENITSA' Yi UNUTMADIK unutturmayacağız \"
the events of Srebrenica massacre to remember and not to forget every year for a memorial program who organized the Chairman Mustafa Ak , the ceremony Alija Izetbegovic Park into their Srebrenica Memorial held in front , he noted . President Ak, \"Srebrenica Massacre those who carried condemn. Muslims how is sacred all the world's known Mubarak Ramadan in Gaza, our Muslim brothers genocide suffers up . Srebrenica , Gaza and the Khojaly massacres of Turkmen suffered massacres do not forget and not to forget the monuments are doing. Allah bless them all . Hopefully this massacre will not happen again , \"he said. Srebrenica genocide 19 years ago is done , but in the world today in different places still genocide attempts stressed that the President Creative Commons continued as follows:\"The Kecioren Municipality of Srebrenica and Gorazde sister city there . What they suffered what they saw , in their hearts the pain they live on in our hearts we feel . there families fell apart, homes have been destroyed . Kecioren formed Blue butterfly Association , during the massacre of their homes of people who again returned home in order to work. know blue butterfly's like I have a property . massacre killed in many people's bodies had disappeared and their bodies blue butterflies thanks finding was able . 8 thousand 372 martyrs known figure , known more. just this year , 300 people more funeral than has been reached. wise king Alija Izetbegovic's'genocide are not to be forgotten , if it is forgotten is repeated'promise not forget . \"
Dirim the Governor , in the month of Ramadan Mubarak profound impact on Turkey of the tragedy in Gaza , noting that \"they have to do to get rid of boredom . What He has done for Gaza Kecioren congratulate the Municipality . Srebrenica Massacre occurred in the heart of Europe is a major genocide . There are bodies still inaccessible . We, as Muslim brothers and sisters are giving them every support . Kecioren the most beautiful place in Srebrenica Memorial Park Alija Izetbegovic was held. For this Kecioren Mayor me thank you , \"he said .
During the ceremony, the protocol committee\"8372 Sreberenits Genocide did not forget, we will not \"checked shirt he wore . President Creative and team Families also free of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the sky many balloons in the left. < br/>

Ant keçiören Martyrs of Srebrenica" comments for.


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