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  • 01 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 04:53

Antalyali John Lent"Microsoft"Pursuit of Heroism

Antalyali John Lent
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Software in the field of announcing the name of John Lent was given the award.

Antalya news: Software in the field of announcing the name of John Lent was given the award.
Manavgat Vocational High School in a ceremony at the John Lent, Manavgat Vocational High School Principal Prof. Hagar by hard plaque, which is the short name MayoThere Manavgat gold by the Higher Education Foundation board, Board Member Mujahid by Tatars were rewarded with various gifts.
John Fasting award ceremony held Speaking at the Manavgat Vocational High School Principal Hagar hard;"Our student in 2013 both nationally and internationally very serious success achieved. County, our nation, high our school and our university all over the world announced. himself personally, uni, town and country on behalf congratulate their success continue to grow I wish,"he said.
12 years ago, the foundation established when fibroids from such a successful student, there will be no guess not even stating MayoThere President Muammer Sun, said :"A Do we have come to this day such a successful student at this school honored to have been very proud and what we do how accurate is a business on this occasion we have learned. I achieved this, which helps educational, academic, our staff, our university, high school, our congratulations. daughter to visit I wish you continued success. Himself in order to make a gift to us and our foundation board members Nariman Attention invite here."
Vocational and MayoThere by the management awarded itself to being happy stating that John Fasting said :"L isedeyk Computer Technology Department Web Design Department have graduated from. dream always of computer technology in was to be. this perform what I believe. Ben, who support me my teachers, thank you. First World 11th I was, and then the World 2nd, Turkey 1st've been. then 3 times world 1st and now the world again 1st've been. Total four first've got. temperatures; production in the area. Generally, programming was in the area. My 25 years to my goal, my dream to pursue 'hero' is to be. I until now 4 first bought. Nearly two years have. 3 wins get more if Microsoft Open Academy in the category given I will have the title of heroism."

Antalyali John Lent"Microsoft"Pursuit of Heroism" comments for.


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