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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:29

Antalyaspor'da sporting director Period

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PTT 1 League teams Antalyaspor'da sporting director Ali Riza Yilmaz was appointed to the position .

Antalya news:
Antalyaspor'da task team sporting director Ali Riza Yilmaz was brought former footballer . Hasan Subasi Facility The signing ceremony Antalyaspor Chairman Gideon Gencer, the General Assembly after the restructuring enters stated, in line with this club that everyone in the department started to work in , he said.
Ali Riza Yilmaz years Antalyaspor shirt sweat reminding Gencer, \"Antalyaspor successfully served . teams as captain served. Antalya, well that and the players , a big brother to do and where he grew up with german ensure discipline with the idea that , starting today, sporting director as he started to work . Hayýrlý \"he said.
Antalyaspor Football branch Manager Mehmet Aygun the success in his new position and wished Ali Riza Yilmaz . Signed a one-year contract with Antalyaspor Ali Riza Yilmaz, red-white team to serve five years , he recalled.
Yilmaz said Antalyaspor'da achievements , \"come back dignity and pride. these tasks first started because I'm happy. leave the team , but I Antalyaspor I'm through. here I am .:Germany significant links have . Already Germany kökenliy am . Germany's talented Turkish players Antalyaspor will gain , \"he spoke .
oUR GOAL Spor Toto Super League
Antalyaspor'u first goal again this year is said to remove the Spor Toto Super League Yilmaz, \"how to remove super league Antalyaspor night day and whatever it will do. this task they gave me thank you for . Successful believe that we will . everything I yapacağım.yöneti with the team of co-ordinated to provide , teacher , I'll help , \"he said .
after the speech, Ali Riza Yilmaz , red-white contract signed .

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