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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:17

Anti-Flag song with clip

Anti-Flag song with clip
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Flag Municipality, Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the 76 Anniversary of Atatürk passed away Tepekule Convention and Exhibition Centre held at the time of remembrance with a special concert.

İzmir news: Flag Municipality Turkish Art Music Choir and the Ministry of Culture Istanbul State Turkish Folk Music Choir Artist Nilgun Kızılıc took the stage at night . The event takes place the photo and Atatürk's 1923 figures came together and formed the heart on October 29th that and over , \"My ancestors comfortable sleep. Flagged people are claiming such a republic,\"says applauded by giant banners citizens Photo Tepekule Congress and Exhibition the event, held at the Centre flagged Hasan Mayor Karabakh , wife Naval Karabakh , Izmir District Courts Attorney General Jalal Kocabaş and his wife , political party representatives, councilors and was attended by many citizens. Photo surprise START Photo Atatürk Commemoration Night event began with a surprise . Flag of the City of Republic's establishment of the 91-year anniversary because of Smyrna Square organized by the 1923 people at the same time zeybek play followed by 23 from 23 neighborhood areas Bayraklý on the location of the event created by the 1923 figure boy, going on stage with exchange of President Hasan Karabakh hand he thanked . Opened by children , formed where the coming together of hearts and pictures of Ataturk's 1923 figures and \"My ancestors comfortable sleep. Flagged off people have such a republic\"was applauded by giant banners . Karabakh President said this in his 10th year starter came near the children with them with the citizens in all the halls. This giant Turkish flag was waved in the hall. Photo Atatürk'< strong> THIS Photo Commemoration night in speaking Karabakh President said, \"This image is a great image . All zeybeks here today . You know, Zeybekler only zeybek playing kneels . celebrated an event Bayraklý be erased from October 29 memory. Day we will make space activities into our people . he has also played 70 zeybek than 7 . this is actually required by Ataturk . we had his name continual remembrance of course our hearts but will raise our country, the level of contemporary civilizations . So we're going to be a Middle Eastern republic. We turned west face but worth the deviation prayer is silent , we will be Turkey that stroke of the flag , \"he said . Photo Atatürk' my favorite song was sung
then surprise Dr. Flag of ipecacuanha chief Khalil Municipality Turkish Art Music Choir appeared on the scene . Rumeli started with the Turks, Ataturk's favorite songs sung the first half of the concert ended with War Anthem. Given searched the stage following the Ministry of Culture, Ankara State Turkish Folk Music Choir Artist Nilgun Kızılıc output. Kızılcı , Turkey 7 of the song and the song was sung by a fabulous night . Karabakh President Hasan labor at the end of last night's Choir Conductor Dr. Khalil Altınköprü and soloist Nilgun Kızılcı was presented flowers.


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