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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:09

Antiquarian Book Café and Mini Street from Buca Municipality

Antiquarian Book Café and Mini Street from Buca Municipality
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The most important investment in children and voicing every opportunity that investment in education will be the future mayor of Buca Levent Pristina, has achieved a first in the county .

İzmir news: Pristina, the opening of the Street Book Café and Mini antiquarian in Yedilgöller made ​​with compatriots. Speaking at a Photo Opening Ceremony Contemporary The mayor Aydin Kocabaş, \"5 years I spent great effort for the realization of such an investment in my neighborhood. But no result I could not reach . such an investment of myself Buca Mayor Levent Piriştina saving my neighborhood and I thank neighborhood on behalf of my people , \"he said .
'read us a good future,\"starting with the slogan launched Books speaking at the opening of the Street Café and Mini antiquarian President Levent Pristina, \"Each opening is important. There are a wasted effort and money. But the education of our children , the future of our country and the light of the investments made in Turkey are our most important investment ,\"he said .'Do you go with us , saying countrymen to call the President of Pristina, his speech continued:\"Who from which angle , which siyek the window , which is the basis of the problems which our You see if you look at the political country passes through education and reading. Therefore, local governments, citizens, paths, paving the , certainly create their habitat should be encouraged to read them .
reading we have a management approach that strives for to profit our country by making it more attractive. Full to enjoy our citizens in this context, designed to relax and spend peaceful time , we made an investment on Buca's future . will read Our people from 10 am 10 pm until the book and the book will be donated . here we will listen to the world , knowledge claims. about the city , with the world about the economy and when we say anything about foreign policy,'No ! we know we read'call it by that question that govern them come on . after making this investment you will have the most important job . Place to live , to donate books here , to convince children to come here , you are in his hands. Our goal is not 10 thousand books in the first place and that we will soon reach our goal of 25 thousand books . Our Municipality also came herald news. Installed a book will give support. To make us go with you . Labour would like to thank everyone who contributed. \"
Citizens showed great interest that President Pristina After the opening speeches , the CHP Buca District Chairman Bektas Gul , the AK Party Buca District Chairman Nesat Arslan and Contemporary The mayor Aydin with Kocabaş Book Café and antiquarian Street'the cut the opening ribbon. book Café and Sahaflar countrymen along the street browsing Pristina buy 5 books that were donated book Café .


Antiquarian Book Café and Mini Street from Buca Municipality" comments for.


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