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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 10:18

Anybody, brothers and knocked poor families at the picnic

Anybody, brothers and knocked poor families at the picnic
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Anybody Association Kayseri Branch, helpful sibling families of people, the association met the needs of poor families at the picnic set and meet.

poor families had the opportunity to picnic, Dragos and fun day spent with their children.

Kayseri Branch Abdurrahman haskaraman Anybody Association, an association by the application of a new sibling families, assistance to poor families at the picnic where buluşturduklarını said. Families who expressed satisfaction with the application rather haskaraman, Sister Family picnic with the family joined about 50, he said.

picnic haskaraman that there were a variety of refreshments, gave the following information:"a one-time assistance to those in need there are just not satisfied with them, 'brothers and sisters' luggage to be kept informed of the needs of our project aimed apply. Anybody Association Kayseri Branch In this regard, volunteers and families in need have put together a picnic. volunteers for their contributions over the years and for families in need was the motivation picnic. Approximately 50 families participated in the picnic, contests, games such as was given. especially fun for children at the end of the picnic, the first winner of the competitions children were given a variety of gifts."

Anybody, brothers and knocked poor families at the picnic" comments for.


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