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  • 06 Ocak 2014, Pazartesi 02:37

"Apocalypse-IR Jamboree"in Adana

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Improvisational theater based on a theatrical genre, the Judgment of the pioneers of the sport-i Cümbüş successful in Turkey, Adana met with.

Adana news: Improvisation based on a theatrical genre, the drama of the sport in Turkey successful pioneers of the Apocalypse-i Cümbüş of Adana met.
"Instant Picture Show"television program attracts attention with its Armageddon-i Cümbüş team Municipality Theatre theater lovers met.
from the audience asking them to identify various issues of the Apocalypse-i Revel team, the game continued with improvised brilliantly in this cycle.
specific to particular elements of the Adana region and current events jokes and frequent use of audience laughter drowns the game is the most applause from the audience that"Adanalı Pavarotti"received.

"Apocalypse-IR Jamboree"in Adana" comments for.


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