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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:45

Appeals from the Alpine Gurkan Nolle prosequi Manisa Bar Association

Appeals from the Alpine Gurkan Nolle prosequi Manisa Bar Association
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Manisa Bar Association Chairman Zeynel Balkız , Soma Holding Chairman of the Alpine Gurkan crimes they give about the announcement'dismissal'decision to come out , noting in this regard Akhisar they appeal to the Magistrates'Court and said they requested the investigation of Gurkan phone call.

Manisa news: Photo Soma On May 13, the date of 301 workers in connection with the mining disaster that killed Soma Republic prepared after an investigation conducted by Başsavcılığı'nca Fezlekenin , created after the adoption by the Akhisar Public Prosecutor's Office indictment was presented to Akhisar Criminal Court . 8 of the trial will begin within 15 days of detainees will be tried 45 suspects. Manisa Bar Association Chairman Zeynel Balkız , by making statement about the indictment said previously by Soma Manisa Bar Holding Chairman of the criminal complaint against Alba Gurkan Soma by the Attorney General of the Republic is nol pros . Today Akhisar stated that they have Balkız petition to the Magistrates'Court , said they requested the investigation of telephone traffic Gurkan . Zeynel Balkız , the indictment of Kirkagach Soma mining accidents were in fact arrived yesterday . What's in the indictment today , is there a difference in fezlekeyl from Soma Public Prosecutor's Office , is there anything new? We say come . We have made ​​the subject of today's review . Is that we have seen ; Soma Republic in the very short summary proceedings, the changes sent by the Attorney General , which converted the same indictment with playing in a few paragraphs and we have seen that severe punishment available to the court. Is this to say about the indictment ; Is located in the indictment of 45 suspects . 45 people took part in this indictment i3 honeycomb . The first 8 is put into the first core. These are'likely intent crime'and accused suspects. They deem the danger , and they know that such a tragedy could guess even though they insisted production , is thought to have acted in mind . Article 81 of the Penal Code with the possible intent should be asked 301 times a criminal offense . Followed by those of Article 21 of the application asks severe penalties between 20 and 25 years for each martyr. There is a second item . Located here in the second honeycomb , honeycomb and company executives placed in this group of 8 people working in the mine and personally . They continued to manufacture it because they though they saw signs of danger and trying to mine the understanding and they take the necessary measures as soon as something conscious negligence are charged with a crime. Each 2 years 15 years behind until a arttırılması 3 to 32 months to 20 years in prison . Continued up to 17 number 45 numbers are charged in the indictment 3. group imprudence and carelessness in the honeycomb . Our lack of indictment is that we see here in the last part of the indictment of 45 people written titles . Among these are 7-8 EL employees. Other than that, the sensor officials, engineers , and managers have to check mine. Our main objection is that we have ; an indictment editing each defendant's own area of ​​responsibility , duty, and in a chain of events that led to the occurrence of this event, which negligence which is the action by introducing a very open and give facility in between the causal ties , personalized to the desired penalty with a separate description for each defendant is required. We do not see this opening in the indictment. 8 people treated the same crime what is acceptable to each other , how the same qualities of 8 people coming from behind taşıyabiliceg nor sayılabiliceg 29 people can say the same quality. We Akhisar We estimate this again Criminal Court indictment of the prosecutor's office will send it back . We can not defend . Manisa Bar as we have the rule of law to ensure that a fair trial. We expect to be sent back to the summary proceedings, \"he said.
< Strong> ALP GÜRKAN 'IN'prosecute'< strong> DECISION APPEAL President Photo Bar Zeynel Balkız , Soma Holding Chairman Alba Gurkan about previously Soma Republic of crimes they give to the Chief Prosecutor announced to'prosecute'decision to leave that and told me about it Akhisar Magistrate court today to appeal petition to offer . Balkız , \"I Soma Holdings is the umbrella organization of the company I complained before, Inc.'s Board of Directors I had them in the criminal complaint against President Gurkan Alba . The reason is that here the Soma Coal Mines Corporation is the holding company Soma . Therefore, this company is the umbrella organization of Soma Holding Alba Gurkan Soma as the President of the Board of Directors of Holding wherein all sep regulate the keeping irresponsible not possible. Our complaint Alba Gurkan then be given our decision not to prosecute is removed from the investigation , we reported our objection to the criminal nonrefreed today . Alba Gurkan men were willing to provide phone calls, running this business and who ordered will be seen that personally managing one's Alpine Gurkan . We present our petition to remedy this deficiency , we requested the summons of the telephone conversation with officials in companies with a high degree of Alba Gurkan . This objection will be considered in our Akhisar Magistrates Court. That the person who ordered everyone speaks Alba Gurkan . We think that given a positive decision of the court to evaluate the appeal. \"He said.

Appeals from the Alpine Gurkan Nolle prosequi Manisa Bar Association" comments for.


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