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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:40

Appear Before the wreck of the sunken boat

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Konya Beysehir , the lake is removed from the wreck of the sunken boat .

Konya news:
Turkey's largest fresh water lake which Beysehir in lowering the water level with the surface of the water to be seen and visual pollution sunken boats and yachts disembarkation began.
Beyşehir with the City of Water Affairs and Forestry 8. Area under the Directorate Beyşehir National Parks Şefliği'nde carried out jointly by the scope of work in previous years, the storm after the lake on the shores sank waters buried beneath the yachts and boats, a team of divers also with the support crane by removing the lake from the shore land is removed.
Beyşehir National Parks Chief Mehmet Şener gave information about the work . Beyşehir Municipality her contribution and support Vuslat park in front of the shore of the activities initiated under water, the boats and yachts all of the removal will continue until the transfer Sener, \"Submersible teams ropes sunken boats going under is connected. Vince is holding up the coast attracts . This way work is carried out . \"he said.
lake located on the coast wrecks of boats and yachts from the lake removal and the resulting visual pollution, destruction of work for a long time on the agenda that emphasizes Sener, summer mobility to end , lowering the water level along with shore submerged boats off decisions that they expressed \"Weather conditions also go well on the lake shore in the ongoing fortification works, against the beach starting here sunken boats, we need to have . study upon completion of the lake coasts debris and sunken boat about visual pollution also ceased to be . Beyşehir Mayor Murat Özaltun work given to contributions and I thank you very much for support , \"he said .
Meanwhile, teams, craft shows intensive efforts to remove land from degradation .

Appear Before the wreck of the sunken boat" comments for.


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