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  • 31 Ocak 2014, Cuma 12:57

Apple Film Gala Bundle

Apple Film Gala Bundle
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Bayramiç Chamber of Agriculture of Çanakkale, 'Alas Alas two thousand packages to the guests at the premiere of the third film will distribute apples.

Çanakkale news:
Bayramic Chamber of Agriculture interviewed by the result of the registration process is ongoing"Bayramic Diamond"s presentation tomorrow which will be held Alas Eyvan 3 premiere of the film in the two days packing the ongoing apples, participants will be distributed. Providing information about the work of the Chamber of Agriculture President Ismail Wrestler, Bayramic the promotion of economic and cultural value of each said they would continue to do in the area. Wrestler,"Name the registration yaptırdığımız 'Bayramic White of' promoting Turkey Grand National Assembly başlatmıştık. Now Bayramic Diamond presentation and to patent their work are continuing. Kaz mountains and unique taste, excellence and look to offer fruits are no longer in the country as well as abroad to search. We are the cultural and economic value to introduce our catch every chance we will evaluate. Parliament fairs, culture, the arts where you have an event, if we are out there this unique flavor and taste with our products we will introduce. 2 days round the clock packaging work is under way on Saturday in Çanakkale will take place Alas Alas 3'll taste our apples at the premiere of the participants,"he said.

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