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  • 12 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 09:19

Apple iPhone 5C crisis

Apple iPhone 5C crisis
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Apple iPhone 5C Production Cuts in half

Sticky Thread Apple's iPhone is said to reduce by half the production of

5C . Apple in China gray market (parallel import) sold at cheaper prices thanks to the iPhone because the iPhone 5C'ler 5C number of production from 300 thousand to 150 thousand down.

5C official selling price of the iPhone in China 4,448 yen; this is equivalent to $ 726. However, according to a report in Mac Rumours'un United States, Europe and Hong Kong, and the introduction of the iPhone 5C'lerin country from the sale of these phones more affordable price in the country illegally has formed a parallel import market.

5C'lerin iPhone sold in China under the parallel import price ranges between 3,000 and 3,300 yen. In other words, the original 539 dollars to 726 dollars from 489 buyers bulabiliyor iPhone 5C'ler. 2,600 yen even if the iPhone is said to be found 5C. Thus, 30% of the original price of this illegal market 5C'ler iPhone is sold at a cheaper price.

lowering by half the number of Apple's iPhone 5C production 5C indicate the presence of the iPhone is enough stock of the iPhone in the hands of the manufacturer. 5C'leri can not sell the original iPhone in China due to the illegal market in the hands of Apple stock to sell primarily want to focus on reducing the number of production.

causing unfair competition in parallel in China Apple's marketing plans for the import process seems to have turned upside down. Removing an iPhone model holds more economical, especially the Far East market, Samsung plans to increase its role as a major obstacle in front of the Apple iPhone 5C market in China, it is not legal to make changes to the technology giant's production has led to the foot looks like.

Apple iPhone 5C crisis" comments for.


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