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  • 31 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 00:03

Application for candidacy in Bingöl Continues

Application for candidacy in Bingöl Continues
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Lawyer Ercan Arslan, which will be held on 30 March 2014 local elections, the AK Party candidate for Mayor of Bingöl is announced.

Bingöl news: Bingöl Provincial Chairman of AK Party official who applied
Armstrong, said that he was for many years active politics in the AK Party. Armstrong,"The AK Party, identity politics not do, to resolve the problems of stability and democracy in Turkey, although most of the public, but with the people, for the people managing the understanding of politics has been our reference. Bingöl our line of political people, aware of a way of life itself. In particular, the principles of managing adaylığımızda parliamentary candidates put forth our understanding of 'me' instead of understanding 'we will advance the understanding of our people speak. Consultation and the common wisdom is the key to success is indisputable. municipality and only roads, sidewalks, water and sewer do not see just about jobs. love, tolerance and a life based on the desire to share. municipality do believe that we should follow the city's role in the development of the locomotive. public administrations, civil society organizations, independent professional organizations, all layers of the society and opinion leaders, as required by the era of science and technology to benefit from the strong cooperation municipality will be able to get rid of the classical conception,"he said.
Bingöl Arslan indicating a need for a modern urbanism, urban planning, especially in terms of the period of the AK Party government in the country that he believes there is no point in existing developments considered desirable Bingol said. Armstrong,"There is no limit of the service will never, ever. Existing primary task is to solve problems will contribute to the quality of life of people with the innovations that are needed,"he said.

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