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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Ekim 2012, Cumartesi 10:00

Arafat train concourse:36 injured

Arafat train concourse:36 injured
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Arafat, Muzdalifah the pilgrims entry gate number 3 in the train, carrying 36 people were injured in the stampede

Saudi Arabian Red Crescent Society said in a statement, stampede injuries are given interventions stated that the first 36 people.

Saudi Arabia's official news agency (SPA) and based on the report of the Red Crescent officials, 18 people were slightly injured were treated at the scene, said 18 percent removed from the surrounding hospitals.

Saudi Arabian General Statistics and Information Institute, according to the number of pilgrims this year reached 3 million 161 thousand 573 people. Of pilgrims from abroad to 1 million 408 thousand 641 people, 1 million 752 thousand 932 people came to the country from within.

Among them do not have a Turkish citizen

Saudi Arabia Arafat 'tan Muzdalifah the pilgrims in the door of the train, carrying 36 people injured in stampede Turkish pilgrims were reported.

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