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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 22:56

Arinc Deputy Prime Minister:\"The Circassian Ethem Not Hain \"

Arinc Deputy Prime Minister:\
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Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said that the Circassian Ethem reputation of the parliamentary inquiry commission should be established for a refund.

Bursa news: Arinc, \"Circassian Ethem Bey , Circassians Rashid Bey regarding the treason issue is a bitter debate. No patriots in Turkey , Ethem the Circassian three out of five people who have lost himself in the official ideology Bey traitor can not say, \"he said. < Br/> Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which hosted the'Caucasian Diaspora politicians Award field of the Year in the Year of the Best Award Ceremony stating that gave instructions in this regard Arinc, \"Circassian Ethem Bey , Circassians Rashid Bey regarding the treason issue is a bitter debate . no patriots in Turkey has lost himself to the official ideology of three to five people Circassian Ethem Bey traitor can not say outside . Circassian Ethem , the are really in the independence struggle is a person who reveals intense . God bless . Master a human being, because it is a real Circassians also he recognized also showed some rights and the dignity to refuse facilities. I just thought that , since a 36 out of a law or decree also eliminated those decisions , though he has the desire to be immaculate in conscience tried laundering and nation, and this has not happened so far , I think this is also a great shame for availability in parliament MPs claiming that the Circassians . You may not need a law to establish a parliamentary inquiry commission proposal but would be very accurate. That had very little time in front of us . It is after January elections. I do not knowdoes not growgrows but a parliamentary inquiry commission is founded , historical Although Aras, that time is 2 plus 2 months , at the end of Circassian Ethem how to be innocent , people who loved how it was a great patriot , revealed how his life for his country in the independence struggle evident will be revealed . I say this as an idea . Currently council did not come to my mind as something else from another assembly operations research. I hope to perform it after today I will give instructions to my friends. Parliament in which our friend if there's 20 people who signed this together establishes the Circassian Ethem commission on the subject , and we applaud the results together, \"he said.
35 years is married and Arinc recalled that the Circassian his wife's , Circassians and that familiar with the nobility of the Caucasian peoples , said he was very hospitable and clean people. Caucasian Diaspora Oguz Berktan award Bulent Arinc, said he would try to be worthy of an award by thanking . Arinc also Circassian Ethem niece day Kazim Taymaz the daughter of the Kuban Zuhal presented Taymaz to awards he .

Arinc Deputy Prime Minister:\"The Circassian Ethem Not Hain \"" comments for.


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