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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:22

Arınç'tan 'Corruption' Operation Explanations

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Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, operations carried out in Istanbul on corruption and bribery,"Who's going to defend himself against the accusation, current evidence against the judicial decision if it should be respectful.

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, carried out in Istanbul corruption and bribery for the operation,"Who's accusations against the defend itself if the current evidence against the judicial decision if it should be respectful. These accusations advance toward Acknowledging an extrajudicial killings do and lynching attempt is wrong,"he said .
Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman, Bulent Arinc, Professor. Erbakan did dr.necmet Foundation has cavapla journalists' questions during the visit. A journalist, conducted in Istanbul corruption and bribery operations related to the question of Arinc,"Turkish politics from time to time such charges have been confronted. Politicians and their relatives, they became prime minister, Minister's deputies would. This title carries with people about the history of each During accusations and allegations have been made. them a portion of the right has emerged. A portion lie has emerged. Now some ministers and with their children about the accusations have. an accusation there. this regard we can say is one thing. Judicial front of this accusation should be investigated and their results according to the decision should be given. Especially as corruption, everyone's disgust, a charge opposite in Turkey everyone has the same sensitivity show know that. it individually for name not to mention. Who accusations against the defend itself if the current evidence against the judicial decision if it should be respectful, but those charges in advance Recognizing the right to make an extrajudicial execution and lynching attempt is wrong"was the answer.
Arinc, said in a statement:
"Reverend Erbakan about our past as well some accusations were made. fact, lawsuits have been filed but that the judicial decisions of what we face up to the land that knows people. therefore the life of such work in any way does not have, and there is also not possible 'rationally and logically' politicians and also occasionally accused face to defend themselves, they are led to. Divine justice, of course, is manifested, but today's judgment in front of the existing claims and accusations how much is valid only with a court order we'll see. therefore already everyone guilty to accept, and even more to it different accused to engage in illegitimate Using a number of ways to incite, is what is ugly. forehead open our head, we are steep. account those who will give an account. Question I think this issue needs to incarceration."

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