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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:19

Armed usurpers were terrorized in Gaziantep

Armed usurpers were terrorized in Gaziantep
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Usurpers who wear helmets in Gaziantep , father and son yağdırarak lead by three kilos of gold and 50 thousand TL fled.

Gaziantep news:
Sahinbey Karatas district in the neighborhood jewelery shop Seyfettin that Ali and his son Mehmet Ali , as it is every day at work, went home , taking the gold and foreign exchange . Father and son who park their vehicles in the site while trying to enter the building helmet on the head of the two usurpers were attacked . Security cameras also lead to the events reflected in the usurpers rained father and son . With a cold-blooded act of attention grabbers , Mehmet Ali in the hands of three kilos of gold and 50 thousand in the bag vanished taking . Horrific images Seyfettin Alice in blood fell to the ground , crawled in front of the door of his house and asked for help by pressing the bell . Father and son coming home to the sight of blood relatives lived in great panic . By relatives to a private hospital brought father and son were being treated.
Mehmet Ali , in the evening on the way home motorcycle parties homes near noticed , said:\"They first time I saw was a little uneasy , but I do not fully understand . Motorcycles in person at the beginning of the helmet had . when I got home when I'm out of the car and one person front of the house on me here. Mounted to the people immediately gun from his belt and pulled towards me firing began . , I fell to the floor and stand up again I tried to . Already bag in my hand . Individual second time I squeezed it and my hand bag by pulling took . Other friends also my dad 3-4 hand fired. so I started yelling and wanted to help . this event 2 minutes did not even take individuals and motorcycle riding scene has escaped. We neighborhood is very safe knew that events in the party capture a moment ago that we would like . these as safe as seen in this district how such a thing happens still do not understand , \"he said .
Poşettn in the 3 kilos of gold and about 50 thousand worth of the currency is an expression that Mehmet Ali ,\"All our capital that gold and coins were . We usually entrusted to us in the gold was gold and coins . We Gaziantep Police Department this event as soon as possible to solve we want, \"he said.
Ahmed Ali , the elder brother and his father suffered mugging a big shocked by expressing, \"My father and my brother full house in front of the head in the helmet two people armed was attacked . I was a bit close to the scene and I also heard gunshots . I did not understand what was going on before and after entering into the site I saw my father and my brother's injuries . I arrived in front of the house saw the two engines , they went quickly . Our faith and our trust in Gaziantep Police Department endless. We want this event to be resolved soon , \"he said .

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